Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Wombats Boston 2008

Wow, last year there was 25 of us, this year there was a rowdy sold out crowd full of drunken college boys. The boys lapped up the energy and put on a great show, minor complaint (and I know it was because of equipment issues) no 'How to pack your bags' no circuit board city'. All the songs we love - accapella, kill the director Joy Division, Patricia, First Wedding and of course Backfire.
So happy to see folks picking up on them, though I still want to see them in small places.
I hurt because of the wild crowd (note being at the front with a stage at knee level with frat boys behind you is DANGEROUS) but cant stop beaming. Were you there? No? then you missed the best show in Boston this year.
Gilrs Boys and Marsupials which opened the show

Little Miss Pipedream from last night