Friday, January 30, 2009

Gig Alert

OK now I safely have my tickets in hand I can let others know about what promises to be one of the best shows this year - forget The Killers or Morrissey this is the one.
Friendly Fires/White Lies/ The Soft Pack at The Paradise March 28th.
Friendly Fires produce the most amazing dance/pop music, I defy anyone to listen to Paris or jump In the Pool and not smile.
White Lies, what do I need to say, and they have the stupendous Mumm-Ra's Tommy B too.
Then The Soft Pack, used to be The Muslims. cant say they impressed me at CMJ but the world and blogosphere loves them.
Just go buy tickets now before it is too late.
But you can only buy tickets at don't even try Ticketmaster.

White Lies The Price Of Love at Great Scott October 2008

Monday, January 19, 2009

Music snobbery

Yes, I can act as music snob, hating on folks who 'discover' bands late. But I think I have good reason. I spend most of my concerts going to see bands in empty rooms or almost empty. In those moments I talk to the bands, weary from 8 hour drives still pushing themselves to play to 75 or less people because EVERY fan is a lifeline to them. Buying them drinks, talking to them and enthusing about their music, knowing all the lyrics. These mean a lot to bands early on, sometimes its the only thing that keeps them going. Why do hugely talented bands play to empty rooms while over hyped talentless kids and sometimes that is not figurative (Cough Miley) fill stadiums.
Why do people find it easier to only listen to what the badly written over sanitized over marginalized media pushes. Its not a race BUT WE HAVE TO SUPPORT BANDS as they start. Otherwise they give up and the music we lose I hate to think of. That's why I hate on people who only want to go to sold out shows. Yes I download like crazy but I went to 116 shows last year- do you think I gave back a little? Maybe.
I just wish people - particularly college kids would pick a club and listen to a song from every band there and then go see the best. Going to see tons of shows is manageable when most shows are less than $15.
Anyway thats my rant for the day. Oh and watch this blog and go see all the bands I do!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SXSW 2009 updates

Wow, our moaning worked, many many more bands announced.
Best - Johnny Foreigner, Answering Machine, Sky larkin, The whip, We were promised Jetpacks, broken Records and General fiasco. But time to start hitting myspace hard to listen to bands.
I want to like Rolo Tomassi and danananykroyd but not sure those bands will hit the spot but big love for the bands mentioned above.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Guggenheim Grotto & Frightened Rabbit

Bloggers telling you about music and giving samples does NOT kill music, anything but.
I heard about this band in the blogosphere and find they are doing a
residency at the Lizard Lounge.

Marketed as indie folk music I think this music is worth a try and will be there on Thursday to determine what the real situation is.

Sunday finds Frightened Rabbit back in Boston at their favorite venue, mine too boys. As this will be the 8th time seeing them in slightly over a year I have to admit to extreme prejudice here. At their best when they are most dangerous and off beat they are a joy to watch.
In Philadelphia in March, Scott went into a free fall of a monologue about the cd preorder which I curse that I didn't film, it was classic, oddball and wonderful. Grant, the gentle drum destroyer, who shows fury of immense proportions to those poor skins just causes awe. As anyone who goes to live gigs knows drums are a precarious beast who are always moving collapsing and generally reacting to the energy outburst. This with Grants anger is always a powderkeg to watch.
The bad news is that it has sold out, but only recently so you had forever to get your tickets so hopefully you will be there.
Scott promises that we will get Floating in The forth this time so here's hoping.
This is Poke from their July gig at TT's

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SXSW 2009

my google doc

just the bands I want to see that I know are going - to be updated

Friday, January 09, 2009

Glasvegas etc

Glasvegas played Great Scott on Sunday.
We managed to get there in time to see most of their very elongated soundcheck and a quick chat with Rab. Amazing how such a big intimidating guy can be such a sweet kid.
Wild Light were as usual, well maybe a little less blah.
photos here
Glasvegas Setlist
Glasvegas setlist_0062
When Glasvegas played this time Flowers and football tops actually came off, in NY they steamrollered through it never really seeming to be in the same place, this time a long slow intro allowed them to pull together and gel. But we did get the infamous Glasvegas light show - ie pitch black. The crowd were enthusiastic, good for Boston, but with a couple of real weirdos. The woman who grabbed James' towel then shouted out about getting all his DNA - you are just creepy as hell. He really isnt that desperate to go with a whack job. It wasn't funny it was just enough to make your skin crawl. And the guy next to me who wanted to gyrate over a three person area, what gives? I really dont like having that personal contact in a non frenetic atmosphere. Yes at an arctic Monkeys gig you get close enough to find out what side guys are dressing on but enough!
Nice to hear stabbed which it seems they have moved back into the set and Come Back home from the Xmas EP.
I asked Rab about the Demo blog issue and he really feels powerless, (shhhh he tells me he sometimes gives away copies of his own album - Bad Rab!)
I did the normal and sat and talked Scottish bands afterwards, nice to hear the guys up Sons and Daughters and Twilight Sad.
Sweet night, and Rab promised guest list spots for next time (March 31st at the Paradise) though we will probably buy them to be safe.
Glasvegas say they are set for SXSW, a tour through to Coachella, then coming back in August.
It will be nice to see them again and again.

photos here
Glasvegas playing Stabbed at Great Scott

Glasvegas playing Please Come Back Home at Great Scott