Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Demise of Dancing Jesus

According to the music companies there was a huge success this week but I see it as a huge fail.
Following a joint investigation by BPI and IFPI into a music-based internet discussion forum called Dancing Jesus, the site administrator and one of its most prolific uploaders known as "Trix" were yesterday arrested by the City of London Police.
In a simultaneous action, American Homeland Security seized the site's server in Dallas where the content was being hosted.
Dancing Jesus is renowned for offering access to predominantly music files which have been uploaded without the permission of the copyright owner. The site specialises in leaking pre-release material.
The City of London Police are now progressing this enquiry.
I have visited Dancing Jesus for years now, not to steal music there were better ways to get music but the passion and breadth of knowledge on the board was amazing. In 2006 a bunch of folks posted about this amazing young band that just won the Road to V contest and posted some demos. There began my knowledge and path to loving Bombay Bicycle Club.
Also found Milburn providing many many bsides and obscure tracks to melt your heart.
Mumm-Ra including their The Dance On The Shore EP and The Dance In France EPs.
I was A Cub Scout, Jeremy Warmsley, Johnny Flynn, Patrick Wolf, Micachu, Forward Russia, Foals, Little Man Tate, Reverend and The Makers, Bromheads Jacket, the Long Blondes, The Duke Spirit, The Pigeon Detectives, The wombats, Dirty Pretty Things, belatedly to love The Libertines, Maximo park, The Rifles, Sky Larkin Wild Beasts, Johnny Foreigner, Brakes, BSP, The Rifles, The Holloways, Komakino, belatedly Elle Milano, Cajun Dance Party.
the music I listen to I listen to because of that board and those people. The music I buy the concerts I go to 95% because of Dancing Jesus.
I can only speak for myself but that board drove me to buy more music than I had in years and to support bands in ways that I would not have done otherwise.
Every year before I went to SXSW I would post my short list of British bands and ask for people who had really seen and heard these bands to guide my choices.
And isn't it hypocritical for bloggers and critics who rarely pay for any of the CDS they listen to to berate folks for wanting to listen to music before they buy it?
I am so sorry Music Biz you may be celebrating but I am sobbing and feel so bereft.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club

Whatever people may say about me, I think it is clear I love music.
I love a lot of music but I have bands that I love having never really know - Cajun Dance Party - Daniel is a bit weird but if you listen how could you not forgive that and others that I love and bands that go way up there into my totally awesome level.
The Cribs went right up there to awesome then Johnny Marr broke my heart and dragged them to the gutter. Time waits to see if they can regain their power.
Then The Twilight Sad, a band that when you tune in you would do anything for - bastards where is your next album don't you understand I am going through withdrawal and suffering worse than any junkie.
Then as the title might suggest there is Bombay Bicycle Club. Seriously awing folks way back more than 4 years ago I started to follow these guys without any hope of seeing them,then SXSW happened and I got to see them 4 times in one week.
This week a new target is hit BBC play Boston - negatively as a support band but I challenge anyone that sees them not to fall as totally and utterly under their spell as I have done.
I see a lot of Two Door Cinema Club fans being blown away. The show is sold out so I really hope peopel aren't arseholes. Meanwhile on Wednesday we will be road tripping to get to see BBC headlining at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
I so want this to be awesome and I know the guys on stage will cooperate I just hope the audiences do too.
Funny story at SXSW: after the last BBC show where we were talking to BBC we noticed Mark Divine and Andy from The Twilight Sad in the audience completely out of their minds drunk. I was trying to help Divine out seeing he was getting maudling and noticed Ed looking on in amazement, so I went to tell him this was The Twilight Sad's drummer and he just looked blank and said who - minor scolding ensued. As I knew I love BBC but my boys from The Sad will ALWAYS come first.