Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boston gets exciting

At the start of the month foals knocked my socks off at The Middle East Downstairs. I am just astonished how tight these guys are and how danceable their music is.
Worth so much more than ticket price.

Then The Long Blondes came to town, channeling a sound reminiscent of past times with a new indie feel I think you are either smitten or not. I fell in love over three years ago after hearing 'Christmas is canceled' and Autonomy boy. I waited with baited breath until they came last year and my only regret was when they stopped. This May they came to town to play Century plus old favorites. I loved chatting to them before (so down to earth and friendly) and adored the songs even more - wow listening to Autonomy boy.
Kate is so petite and gorgeous I should hate her if I wasn't totally awed.

British Sea Power took a chance and gave us another gig despite Boston's boorishness at the last concert. something changed and they charged through an amazing and prolonged set which it is obvious they enjoyed tremendously almost as much as the audience.
Los Campesinos! romped through almost everything (where was 'It started with a Mixx'?) providing a great background for a dance party.
Air traffic came to town and treated the sparse crowd to most of Fractured life and two new songs. They did ask us to bring all our friends next time.
Frightened Rabbit came to town and the scenesters jumped on the bandwagon crowding Great Scott for a rousing rendition of most songs off the Midnight Organ Fight.
A rather disturbing instance did occur when we realize that no matter how much you love the music screaming emotive cries just makes you sound deranged- shudder.

And there's more.........
Sunday has Switches and Be Your Own Pet playing, again Switches have proved to be very sweet approachable guys who play fun (though not serious music).
Tuesday has us on a road trip to see The Wombats in NY, too crazy (us or them?).
Thursday is The Breeders and we all turn into Kim Deal fans and show our age.
Saturday give us the chance to check Pela's Billy hasn't injured himself yet.
Sunday has Dev of Lightspeed Champion hitting Great Scott.
Monday, blow off the Kooks and go see These New Puritans instead- much better.

There is more but that, is another post

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The state of Live music

I have been going to a lot of concerts recently. Even the bad ones are worthwhile and interesting BUT note the venues I go to - TT's, Great Scott, Middle East and the Paradise. Is it really a concert when you go to a huge arena and watch the band on stage only through the video screens they provide. why don't you just stay at home and watch the DVD.
Last night we were at The Paradise seeing Mobius Band, Black Kids and Cut Copy. None of these bands are on my top 50 but they are so much more than watching a band on a video screen. Call me crazy but dodging the spit, mis-aimed plectrums, spilled water bottles has to be better than that.
The Agganis Arena is a monstrosity, 6K capacity with parking lots provided by BU. But isn't that negated when they extort $25 for parking, $25 only $1 less than we paid for our two tickets last night. No wonder 3000 cars flood the area looking for on street parking. Then a large proportion of those 6000 crowd into every bar or restaurant in a half mile radius. So last night we arrive as normal (going to The Paradise about once very two to three weeks all year) and find no place to relax.
If you are going to the Agganis you are seeing a stale clinical removed performance, that is not live music so stop annoying those of us who do support live music.