Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini CMJ

So running down to CMJ for Friday and saturday was incredibly successful and fun.
Despite the best efforts of i95 south we didnt spend hours stuck on Friday and got to teh hotel in time t turn around and run over to Brooklyn to see Sky Larkin.
Nice little set, so good to hear both new songs entirely (Matador), newish songs (Fossil, i) and old ones like molten.
All three were class people to talk to as well.
We then moved to Manhattan, found our favorite malysian restaurant had a wonderful meal before hitting Fontanas.
Johnny foreigner put on a good show and managed to at least touch base with them.
Cab to Irving Plaza got us there at a decent time though a bad decision left us stuck behind some unnecessary stage equipment.
I loved the whip and Late Of The Pier BUT those DJs, absolutely dreadful.
Saturday started with us hitting our favorite Thai restaurant, (see a pattern here) then heading off to the UNCMJ show.
We spent all day here, at 4:30 when Sky Larkin went on it was woefully under attended but again a sweet show, better than Friday I think.
We watched a number of bands - all of which were watchable. Thne the Mae-shi came on - reminded me of The Blood Arm - total performance that keeps you just laughing and amazed.
Cut Off Your Hands have some decent songs but aren't going to save music.
Then JoFo again. Alexi fussed like crazy as his pedals were knackered - again - but they got it together and put on a great show.
You have to see JoFo to truly get them and the more the better. Starting to be totally entranced.
Totally loving Jofo and sky Larkin - and why not!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yeasayer Boston Oct 22nd 2008

a bit of a let down.
Suckers were awful and Yeasayer seemed less wonderful than normal, stage lights were dreadful - so no decent pics and a horribly obnoxious drunken fool behind me.
But i did record Sunshine - you will hear his noise in the video unfortunately
Yeasayer playing Sunshine in Boston

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So busy!

Well the Bearsuit gig was excellent, just as good as the venue was dreadful. so enthusiastic, so fun, so talented so under attended. We also got the dirt, why the dreaded deportation, well no work visas - oops - and a suitcase of capes and marching band outfits. three hours of interviews later they confessed and got sent back to the UK- too sad.
Ra Ra Riot came back to Boston and were rapturously received rewarding us with a new song- Yeah!
Frightened Rabbit hit the Middle East, but without their bass pedals and necessary leads for keyboards and laptop - oops. But playing a pared down set they still blew Spinto band off the stage with a rude Boston Audience leaving before Spintos came on stage. Spintos tried their best but just seemed demoralised - too sad.
Frightened Rabbit playing I Feel Better on Saturday night

coming up Yeasayer who always put on a good show, plus a rush trip down to catch the tail end of CMJ.
What are we seeing? or what do we hope to?
Sky Larkin play Friday for free at 3:45 (I SO want to see this band), Johnny Foreigner play either 7 or 8 that night at a free gig, feasibility low. The Insiders gig at Irving Plaza, who knows the schedule for that BUT we do get to see Late Of The Pier and the Whip. will we have time to run and see Scissors for Lefty at midnight - who knows but we can hope.
Saturday has a UNCMJ show that runs for 10 hours and includes Sky Larkin, Johnny Foreigner and cut Off your hands.
Oh and by Thursday we will have reached the 100 show mark for the year WITHOUT SXSW.
Too crazy!
But the absolute WORST news in a long time, it seems Dorian from The Long Blondes had a stroke in Summer - oh dear god!- and the Long Blondes have called it a day, crying all the way to my mp3 player to listen to Singles with tears in my eyes.

Long Blondes at Great Scott this summer

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Locksley and Wedding Present

I don't think I have ever gone to a gig before and then went and removed them from being a myspace friend. Locksley were fun when they supported Scissors (love you scissors) and seemed nice guys. Keeping an eye on them we followed them when they played supporting Rooney and then had a headlining tour which hit Cafe 939.
How can you suddenly pamper to 10-16 year olds? Pathetic- enough- no more Locksley.
Its not the fact they have teenage fans, its the schmaltz and the lack of sincerity. Its all too Disney and Hannah Montana, I just had a diabetes - suffering from excess sweetness moment.
Wedding Present, so tired at this gig, but it was a definitely gig you had to do. Enjoyed but only mildly.

Yeah Bearsuit!

So Bearsuit finally got a gig in Boston after trying forever. They didn't get into the US for SXSW for undisclosed Visa issues but Foxy Boxer is one amazingly good single.
This band is young, fun and so talented. I for one will be definitely there when they hit the all Asia Restaurant in Cambridge on Sunday. So Glad to finally see those guys.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Madness

Midway through a very intense October burst of shows. But then November and December are looking bleak so you have to do what you have to do.
Glasvegas canceled at Great Scott on Monday due to visa issues, me being me I started a myspace conversation which ended up with a guest list offer for Saturday in New york mercury lounge (sold out show) which we took them up on - Nice one boys!
Tuesday was Amy Macdonald, chosen because I wanted to figure her out. Pleasant and interesting Amy doesn't have the strongest voice (yes I am spoiled by women like Annie Lennox, Horse Macdonald (look it up and weep you hadn't heard of her before) and of course the wondrous Leila from Duke Spirit.). But when you throw in a cheap ticket price and the wonderful Great Scott (I LOVE this venue) it was a nice night.

Wednesday brought Evangelicals plus The Parenthetical Girls and Matt Mays who I had never heard of. Empty for PG but what a wonderful show they put on pure cabaret but lovable. Third time seeing Evangelicals, full of technical issues but there is something gut which I love about this band that I could never describe but only urge you to go with an open mind and fall in love.
Thursday and Friday was the Baltimore Round Robin experience, not our thing but had to go to experience, liked eyes night MUCH more than feet night but very glad to support music that is off kilter and different.
Saturday we drove down to New York sweating that we would actually be on the guest list. YES we were and sat for ages while the NY scenesters and drunkards decided to deign to come to the sold out show. Wild Light supported and were well, wild light, oh well. angela mcclusky was a secondary support and while fun I have heard better female scottish vocals - see above.
Glasvegas, now let me get hit by criticism, I think they need to gig some more and figure out how to put over their material. Of course the scenester crowd did kill any buzz. loved it anyway.
Would I have missed it- NO WAY!
Just about to go see Locksley tonight and Wedding Present tomorrow then Wire Wednesday and Delta Spirit friday oh well tons to do.......
As I said November sucks!