Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Micachu Great Scott July 16th

Micachu's album Jewelery is an odd little thing. The first time I heard it I wasn't certain about it and decided to not bother any further.
Somehow the album made it into our SXSW mix and suddenly it became indispensable.
The album, written primarily by Londoner Mica, a unashamed tomboy, at first hearing is discordant with out of tune guitars, after a few listens you realize the complexity and depth behind each track.
The next test was with all the different sounds evident within the music was this a wonder of production or ingenuity by the musicians.
We opened SXSW 2009 by watching Micachu play Ms Bea's a low key gravel based back yard of the best kind of dive bar out east of the main 6th st drag.
There the trio pushed everything to recreate and surpass the songs we had heard previously. Totally won over I beg everyone to take a listen not once but twice then a third time then in awe I suggest you visit Great Scott for a precious evening in the company of three very young very talented musicians.

Fanfarlo $1 Album plus- Wow!

Fanfarlo seem to be a low key band but their album grows and grows on you plus they are linked to the equally wonderful My Sad Captains sharing a band member.
There is no greater bargain around currently than this deal which is available until Friday the 3rd where you get not only the album but four extra tracks and all at a great bit rate.
If you were curious now is the time to bite and you should be.
and on the note of cheap but legal downloads check out this website
yes its from the UK but people from the US can use it using google checkout. You get ten tracks for one pound. Wonderful compilations from folks like Fat Cat, The Police Box and check out Teenage Lust's choices it isn't obvious but he is linked to the very young but wonderful Copy Haho one of the illustrious Awesome Pals collective.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Riddance

Though tragic was Michael Jackson's death a loss?
A filthy pedophile pervert who acted like a freak his whole life, Jackson was a monstrosity on par with Gary Glitter.
I was left cold by Thriller and see no loss in this pathetic creature leaving the planet. Hopefully a number of scarred children will some find some peace he is not around to molest them again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saying goodbye with sadness to: De Rosa, GoodBooks and Farrah

Goodbyes are always sad but I fet I wanted to put words to memory to respect the three above.
Farrah FM was there it seems in the background as I was growing up being the ultimate Charlie's Angel and she fought valiantly. I hope she is at peace and that her family find some too.
De Rosa announced their breakup, not death but a silencing of a decent Scottish band I had just started to appreciate as someone recommended their latest album. Sad to see a band evaporate as you start to explore their depths.
GoodBooks, it seems I have been adoring their music for at least three years now and never had the chance to see them. Control did not have a bad song on it and had some out of scope songs which stopped you in your tracks as you listened. Passchendaele, Alice, Walk with Me, Leni, The Illness, it seems there was no end to their talent.
teh lack of commercial success while britney and Hannah Montana thrive makes me want to vomit.
Goodbye guys alas I never knew you.

De Rosa Robin Song

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hatcham Social, TT the Bears June 23rd

I must be a horrible person, I have been meaning to write this forever in the off chance anyone reads this.
Hatcham Social have made an effort and are traveling up from NY and are playing support in Cambridge tonight.
They have an excellent album out, You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil, the British Indie band has a interesting sound which uses complex guitar work and lyrics way beyond the normal girl meets boy love song trash you normally find. The vocals are oddly reminiscent of Orange Juice's Edwyn Collins and the whole sound challenges but satisfies.
Amusingly the band seems to have duel obsessions with Lewis Caroll's Alice In wonderland and Crocodiles (mentioned in at least two songs).
Interesting facts from their Wiki page
Drummer Finnigan Kidd was still a member of Klaxons, but left in order to devote his time to Hatcham Social
The band are named partially after the Hatcham Liberal club on Queens Road, Peckham, and the Old English word 'Hatcham', meaning 'a clearing in the woods'
The Guardian describing them as 'irrestistible'
Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) called them 'a wonderful pop group with the world's coolest drummer'and has produced a single and their album
They are also linked to Faris from the Horrors.
If you read this before tonight please consider going, if we don't support excellent bands who deserve it and make an effort to visit we will be left with kack like 'No Doubt' and 'The Kooks' and deserve everything we get.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Patrick Wolf middle East Downstairs June 21st 2009

How long does it take for a grown woman to become a doe eyed fan girl? Seconds - what chemistry occurs when the becloaked ever dazzling bejewelled Queen took his stage and we fell at his feet. The atmosphere become one of adoration as Patrick strode out wearing the leafed cloak that has become a recent trademark. After a song or two Patrick took the cloak off and the grey black and white union jack like pant suit with cut outs became revealed. The zip opened to his navel and you saw the cluster of strange and obviously personal trinkets.
The setlist was the same as he is routinely playing but a novelty involved Patrick using the photographers and musicians ramp as a catwalk.
Highlights - Tristan fabulous as ever, Accident and Emergency reworked a little weird but fabulous, Bluebell, The Libertine, 'Who Will' which made me want to cry. Patrick started to touch hands, making girls happy but making sure he reached to touch a particularly pretty male concert goer that you could hypothesize is battling the same alienation that most homosexuals do when they find their own simple needs are shunned by the ignorant of the world. This is what SHOULD happen and caused my eyes to tear up.
The Magic Position was joyous event, with Battle having the audience to exhort against the indefensible of our society.
He came, he conquered, we fell at his feet and felt unworthy.
This is the event that makes modern music have some relevance.
I hope to have some photos up soon and probably many as he is SO photogenic.
Oh well gushing over for now and I just know these words are insufficient to describe last night.