Sunday, September 20, 2009

Division Day O'Briens Sept 18th

We saw Division Day when we went to see iLIKETRAINS in 2007.Then they impressed us when we did not go to see them inducing us to buy Beartrap Island.
so when they came back we went to see them. The music comes alive nad tehy play their hearts out, yes its an american band I respect, maybe not love but definitely respect. I would recommend this band to anyone looking to see a talented band play decent songs.

SoCo Polyphonic Spree The Paradise 17th Sept

DJ Lord of Public Enemy opened and made me unexpectedly very happy by playing Grandmaster Flash's Wheels Of Steel a song I haven't heard in many many years. SoCo gave us free drinks and sunglasses which made up for the fact that I really don't like Polyphonic Spree.

One eskimO 16th Sept tt's

Sometimes you go to a gig and you aren't sure what to expect. For One eskimO I feared a quiet sedate performance that in my current state of exhaustion I may not fully appreciate.
And then the truth can set you free, This band does not give a quiet sedate performance they enliven the animate and they awe you. Kris's voice takes nuances that you never imagined.
point: this is how illegal file sharing should work, I had never heard of this band, the board I frequent listed this album, I downloaded and was interested. They came to town, I bought tickets without question and after this performance rushed to buy the album and give them my money. without the illegal download I wouldn't have a) bought the ticket b) bought the album. Now was that the wrong thing to do?

Esser The Paradise Sept 14th

Esser, I keep forgetting how young this guy is. His album is full of quirky songs that get under your skin. On stage the guy is a bit of a loose canon enjoying himself despite a minimal audience sending his beer flying a couple of times soaking us. Worth ten of his headliner's DataRock, I enjoyed this and will continue to hold him and his album dear to my heart.

Recaps: Hugh cornwell TT's Sept 13th

Ok, I know I know I have been remiss.
Oldies gig, seeing someone less than 30 here was a miracle. support well know in MA but basically boring. Hugh Cornwell looks old BUT he panders to us, he played duchess, Peaches, Golden Brown, Nice n' sleazy, Walk On By, No more heroes.
the guy plays guitar like a virtuoso. You watched him play for 90 minutes occasionally throwing out wry dry comments in the face of stupid comments sent his way. The guy is a rock and should be appreciated and lauded for all that is he is worth which is a lot.