Friday, March 27, 2009

Depeche Mode

the new album is out there. In 1981 the band was ultra poppy, then their major songwriter left. As the albums came out serious subject started to be dealt with in poppy poppy tunes, state of the world (Construction time Again the whole album), undeserving trust in god (Blasphemous Rumours), lack of the press taking life seriously (New Dress) etc etc. I can't even start to consider how long I have been listening to these guys, they have dealt with loss of members such as would cripple other bands. they have also dealt with serious drug addiction from Dave Gahan. The new album may take some time to attach itself to the gut the way the other albums have but this is a band still breathing, still functioning still being relevant. Reminds me I must go back and indulge in the early music............

Thursday, March 26, 2009

British Invasion

White Lies arrive at the Paradise on Saturday amidst a huge wave of hype. Harry the lead singer, channels the baritone of 80's pop star Julian Cope from Teardrop Explodes in a way that causes middle aged folks to flock to their concerts amongst the teenagers brought in by the Gossip Girl use of EST.
White Lies started life as Fear Of Flying, but when they wrote Fear of the Fairground they saw a new pathway and morphed into White Lies. With Harry lacking the ability to reproduce the keyboard sounds from the studio they brought in the rather excellent Tommy B from Mumm-Ra, a cult UK band from Bexhill on Sea.
Exploring a cache of songs about love and Death they rise above cliches, creating rhythms that sequester themselves in your head until you love them despite any qualms about loving the music the record companies want to throw down our throat.
If you were one of the 30 or so folks who were ahead of the curve and saw them at Great Scott in October you would have had a chance to talk to them and find them as charming as they are adorable.
Friendly Fires also play. FF were supposed to play in Boston in October supporting Lykke Li. Under the manipulations of their record label they blew off the gig to wow CMJ. BTW when asked about this they did apologize profusely!
The album is a classic danceable classic, Paris and Jump In the Pool are outstanding almost hiding the fact that the other songs would be the highlights of another lesser band.
The Soft Pack (previously known as the Muslims) in any other circumstance would be headlining, and seeing the lineup of the Paradise currently would be able to do so easily. a Bluesy guitar based rock sound many have lauded this band to the roof, personally when I saw them I could take or leave them but as US band ago they certainly are up in the upcoming new bands.
On Sunday , the most overblown UK star hits the most overblown Boston venue. Morrissey play The House Of Blues. why mention it? because an excellent band The Courteeners from Manchester UK, play support. A UK guitar based band in the vein of Oasis and Stone Roses, the raw vocal and catchy pop tunes have you humming their songs for long periods. We paid the exorbitant Morrissey fees just to see The Courteeners.

SXSW recap

lets break this down to three categories
Amazing and much better than expected
-- Slow Club, Micachu, Bang Bang Eche!, Fanfarlo , rolo Tomassi - great to watch
amazing expected to be amazing
-- Danananaykroyd, General Fiasco, Fight like Apes, Sky Larkin
were ok but wanted them to be amazing
-- hatcham social, Let' wrestle

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW Day 5 Sunday 22nd

Slower - thank goodness - we were about fit to drop
PRE Beerland
The Mae Shi Beerland
The Boxing Lesson Austin Art Garage
Pop Unknown Austin Art Garage
Out From Animals Austin Art Garage
Afterward - I heard murmurs that Out From Animals are the result of a talent show conteest for a record deal - true story? if so please tell.
A couple of songs from Out From Animals

And a song from the Mae shi
this band are frenetic and cause mayhem - I tried to catch some of it but forgive me for the poor quality that is always a side effect of their performance.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SXSW Day 4 Saturday 21st

Talk To Angels Yorkshire Party Latitude 30
Paul Marshall
Rolo Tomassi
Sky Larkin
Wild Beasts
Polly Mackay Liverpool Party Latitude 30
The Lost brothers
wave machines
my sad captains ethiopian restauranr
innercity pirates volume
dirtblonde emo's annex
theoretical girl latitude 30
slow club volume
longview cedar street
friends electric latitude 30
your vegas maggie mae's

Sky Larkin Pica

Slow Club I was Unconscious at Volume

Friday, March 20, 2009

SXSW Day 3 Friday 20th

black Cherry Beauty bar
the shys
angry versus the bear
skibunny bd rileys
fight like apes
fighting with wire
fanfarlo emo's annex
women fort
hatcham social
the miserable rich hilton
manhattan love suicides karma lounge
fanfarlo prespetyrian church
scissors for lefty wave rooftop

SXSW Day 2 Thursday

Turbowolf dirty dog bar
Dana dirty dog bar
the lost brothers latitude / irish party
beat poets
general fiasco
fighting with wire dirty dog bar
the homosexuals rusty spurs
jay jay pistolet hilton
mumford & sons hilton

peggy sue parish
wild beasts latitude
hatcham social latitude
teh electric city wave
we have band latitude
fight like apes rio

Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW Wednesday 18th Day 1

Micachu at Ms Bea's
Future Of the left
Bad Veins
We were promised Jetpacks at spaceland throwdown at Maggie Mae's
Esser Fader
Post War Years
Abe Vigoda
Graham coxon
Let's wrestle
Pete and the pirates
The cheek
Wave Machines
Sky Larkin
General Fiasco

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SXSW Tuesday 17th day 0

managed to get Fort wristband and pure volume passes.
We only got to the Dartz international Party at Friends.
Bang Bang Eche - pretty amazing
We should be dead - good
Poly Mackay and the Pleasure principal not bad.
we also saw the golden dogs from canada but they were brutally awful.
today should be busy

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So its SXSW next week. That's when you get in two minds - one one hand you want your favorite bands to have a good showing but on the other you want to be able to run from place to place to get a great view.
they have found my soft spot Jarvis Cocker is talking and of course may play. I hate large shows that the crowds love but this is one I would break all the rules for.
But for small bands I am looking forward to seeing
Pete and The Pirates, Sky Larkin, Danananaykroyd, Hatcham Social, The Cheek, Late Of The Pier,Esser, General Fiasco, Fighting with Wire, Fight Like Apes, We Were promised jetpacks.
Curently I am having heart attacks trying to figure out how best to see the most novel bands that are worthwhile.
I know it will all work out but teh anticipation is pretty extreme.