Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Albums 2011

OK everyone is doing it so why not
in no particular order:

The Indelicates - David Koresh Superstar got to love a duo to make a musical of this subject, though I do not quote I do believe they are as cynical and aethiest as I am

Bombay Bicycle Club - A different Kind Of Fix Love this album though by the time it came out Bad Timing and Sleep seemed comfortable and not new, Shuffle was amazing.

The Wombats - This Modern Glitch - perfect pop from perfectly human guys. Not sure I am comfortable yet with Murph opening his problems to the world but so so happy to see them slap the NME and all doubters in the face, the boys came back with a vengeance.

Emmy The Great - Virtue totally love this album and find more to adore the more I listen, Dinosaur Sex is just perfect.

Fight Like Apes - The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner again they produce punchy perfect music with an absurdist title. I just wish hey toured the US at least once or a million times.

Now my two cheats - actually released in 2010 but I was absurdly slow

Endor - Endor you should have heard PopCop expounding on this band and now hear my please - listen and love. able to be found on bandcamp the best way to buy music.

My First Tooth - Territories not quite sure how this love started but this album was amazingly great. Find them on the Alcopop label.

Sam Duckworth - The Mannequin AKA Get Cape Wear Cape Fly sweetly endearing and life affirming

Telekinesis - 12 Desperate Straight Lines- yes an American - or more precisely its Michael Benjamin Lerner. Hard to pick a track but listen to Car Crash or Dirty Thing and not smile and sing a long a little and you must be dead.

Tom Vek - Leisure Seizure - wow when we thought he had disappeared the king of synth came back with a wonderful album

Yuck - Yuck - taking the best from Cajun Dance Party , that is Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom, indeed Daniel also being Oupa which started as Yu(c)k. This band came to SXSW and then toured the US allowing us all to see how brilliantly songs like Rubber and Suicide Policeman sounded live.

being pushed elsewhere as 2011 but we know they were 2010 but still loved Kid Canaveral Shouting at wildlife and Admiral Fallow's Boots Met My Face.

you may notice I was lucky enough to have seen most of my picks live if not this year in previous years.
also pretty good was Wild Beasts Smother, Friendly Fires Pala, The Joy Formidable The Big Roar though not totally loved

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gigs 2011

to misquote from 'A Tale of Two Cities'
it was the best of years for gigs and it was the worst of years.
2011 was the year LiveNation came in puts its brutal finger round the neck of live music in Boston and throttles it to a horrible mangled mess.
We are way down in our concerts only 69 this year.
We saw gigs by our absolute favourites Twilight Sad and The Wombats and that included very special SXSW gigs from The Sad and an amazingly wonderfully intimate sets from The 'bats.
We saw Mystery Jets, Telekinesis and Bear Hands again
We got to finally see Bombay Bicycle Club after listening to them for five years and MANY MANY times so much they now recognize and joke with us.
We also got to see Yuck, weird situation the progenitor of Yuck Cajun Dance Party makes me foolish in adoration. So amazing to talk to Daniel, who seems shy and Max was so amazingly friendly Iam for ever in his debt.
We got to see Admiral Fallow,Kid Canaveral, withered Hand and King Creosote for the first time and fell in love. King Creosote in Boston astounded me beyond words so that their gig is seared in my mind in awe. Weird because Kenny is such a down t earth bloke and not someone we would be normally throwing back pints with but I bow before his musical genius.
We saw Alessi's Ark many times and loved her down to earth humility and honesty, she went from nice music to must go see her when she is near.
We got to see Emmy The Great in a random CMJ hit and run gig and found she lived up to her hype. I find it impossible to dislike a woman who treats the subject of date rape as an opportunity to show a man that a woman has control of her body and should be treated with respect.
We saw the death of Glasvegas, the gig in Boston was brutal and humiliating in its awfulness.
We got to see Pulled Apart By Horses and loved their huge energy, sorry still dont love their music.
The Indelicates hit the USA and my love for them grew in leaps and bounds, when I saw them at SXSW Simon scared me, this time I realised he is a sweet teddy bear.
I realised The Vaccines and Brother were a total hype taht we coudl forget.
We got to see Eddie Collins again, wow what a comeback and he played my favourite song, Don't Shilly Shally - oh wow fan girl time!
so my quick review less than I wanted but the highs were high so perhaps I am not so sad.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Indelicates Visit the US

So The Indelicates have once again come over to the USA, not the first time BUT it is the first glorious time they will make it to New England.
And not ONCE but TWICE, they play the Cantab Lounge in Cambridsge on Thursday and The Speakeasy in Providence RI on Friday.
We saw The Indelicates at SXSW in 2008
and I blogged about how much I loved their album Songs For Swinging Lovers noting it as one of my favourites of 2011.
From the press release I quote 'Essentially the joint project of Simon Indelicate (formerly a performance poet and author of ‘The Book Of Job: The Musical’ – revived in 2011) and Julia Indelicate (an acclaimed documentary photographer) The Indelicates are a piano and guitar-led pop/rock act from Sussex, UK. Taking their musical cues from folk and classical sources - as well as the broad spectrum of British indie rock – they write melodic, edgy and intellectually coherent songs that have been consistently well-received in the UK and abroad.'
But the reason I love them is their wit, their satire and their refusal to accept.
Listen and love and go see them on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Demise of Dancing Jesus

According to the music companies there was a huge success this week but I see it as a huge fail.
Following a joint investigation by BPI and IFPI into a music-based internet discussion forum called Dancing Jesus, the site administrator and one of its most prolific uploaders known as "Trix" were yesterday arrested by the City of London Police.
In a simultaneous action, American Homeland Security seized the site's server in Dallas where the content was being hosted.
Dancing Jesus is renowned for offering access to predominantly music files which have been uploaded without the permission of the copyright owner. The site specialises in leaking pre-release material.
The City of London Police are now progressing this enquiry.
I have visited Dancing Jesus for years now, not to steal music there were better ways to get music but the passion and breadth of knowledge on the board was amazing. In 2006 a bunch of folks posted about this amazing young band that just won the Road to V contest and posted some demos. There began my knowledge and path to loving Bombay Bicycle Club.
Also found Milburn providing many many bsides and obscure tracks to melt your heart.
Mumm-Ra including their The Dance On The Shore EP and The Dance In France EPs.
I was A Cub Scout, Jeremy Warmsley, Johnny Flynn, Patrick Wolf, Micachu, Forward Russia, Foals, Little Man Tate, Reverend and The Makers, Bromheads Jacket, the Long Blondes, The Duke Spirit, The Pigeon Detectives, The wombats, Dirty Pretty Things, belatedly to love The Libertines, Maximo park, The Rifles, Sky Larkin Wild Beasts, Johnny Foreigner, Brakes, BSP, The Rifles, The Holloways, Komakino, belatedly Elle Milano, Cajun Dance Party.
the music I listen to I listen to because of that board and those people. The music I buy the concerts I go to 95% because of Dancing Jesus.
I can only speak for myself but that board drove me to buy more music than I had in years and to support bands in ways that I would not have done otherwise.
Every year before I went to SXSW I would post my short list of British bands and ask for people who had really seen and heard these bands to guide my choices.
And isn't it hypocritical for bloggers and critics who rarely pay for any of the CDS they listen to to berate folks for wanting to listen to music before they buy it?
I am so sorry Music Biz you may be celebrating but I am sobbing and feel so bereft.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club

Whatever people may say about me, I think it is clear I love music.
I love a lot of music but I have bands that I love having never really know - Cajun Dance Party - Daniel is a bit weird but if you listen how could you not forgive that and others that I love and bands that go way up there into my totally awesome level.
The Cribs went right up there to awesome then Johnny Marr broke my heart and dragged them to the gutter. Time waits to see if they can regain their power.
Then The Twilight Sad, a band that when you tune in you would do anything for - bastards where is your next album don't you understand I am going through withdrawal and suffering worse than any junkie.
Then as the title might suggest there is Bombay Bicycle Club. Seriously awing folks way back more than 4 years ago I started to follow these guys without any hope of seeing them,then SXSW happened and I got to see them 4 times in one week.
This week a new target is hit BBC play Boston - negatively as a support band but I challenge anyone that sees them not to fall as totally and utterly under their spell as I have done.
I see a lot of Two Door Cinema Club fans being blown away. The show is sold out so I really hope peopel aren't arseholes. Meanwhile on Wednesday we will be road tripping to get to see BBC headlining at Music Hall of Williamsburg.
I so want this to be awesome and I know the guys on stage will cooperate I just hope the audiences do too.
Funny story at SXSW: after the last BBC show where we were talking to BBC we noticed Mark Divine and Andy from The Twilight Sad in the audience completely out of their minds drunk. I was trying to help Divine out seeing he was getting maudling and noticed Ed looking on in amazement, so I went to tell him this was The Twilight Sad's drummer and he just looked blank and said who - minor scolding ensued. As I knew I love BBC but my boys from The Sad will ALWAYS come first.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

King Creosote Boston - Wow

I feel so negligent.
Lets be honest going to see Matthew And The atlas made me feel jaded and hateful. I had no expectations for Kenny aka King Creosote. When I walked away from this concert I felt I had been lucky to be there that I had just seen an amazingly honest amazing and beautiful performance.
King Creosote and Jon Hopkins Diamond Mine is a laid back album with some posituve notes but the night left me gasping. The whole performance was worth noticing but when Kenny sang 'Your Young voice' the emotion the honesty and the whole tenor of the performance left me gasping in amazement and speechless. videoing the song always leaves you detached and not appreciating it but that this performance was not caught takes my heart and throttles it with pain. I felt dazed afterward, applause was a understated way to respond to such a performance. Then lets go to the other extreme at the end of the night Kenny left us with his rendition of Francie and Josie's 'La di da' song. This vaudeville like song which coaches such a hilarious concept in such veiled terms is fun to watch on youtube but an experience live.
Kenny is a legend in Scotland and a incredibly down to earth man.
I can totally understand both the adulation and approachability of this man come record label hero.
Nobody noticed this concert but it is one I feel awed to have been at and truely thankful for.
real music is out there its just a matter of finding it. Kenny, you awed me and I am pretty jaded.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matthew and The Atlas/King creosote

I went quiet after my last gig. Why? Because it sucked. I really wanted to like Matthew And The atlas, great venue, good vibe from a UK band, supported by Mumford and Sons but it just did not work. The band though trying hard just doesnt do it, they just don't have strong enough songs. I just couldnt get excited at all. Then there was the actual night, my s90 dies leaving me frustrated and annoyed. Then the audience, they talked through two sets then in a gig which wasnt crowded and was not packed a get an idiot who doesn't understand physics. General physics laws two people can not be in the same space at the same time. Just because you are at a gig it does not give you the right to bump into me annoying me for 15 minutes. sorry but I wanted to take those drumsticks the band gave you and drive them straight through your neck. Instead I left pronto annoyed and pissed off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Oh well King Creosote comes to Boston on Wednesday, totally lousy venue, Brighton Music Hall, but from what I saw of Kenny at SXSW he is a really down to earth nice guy. I am hoping this will obliterate my memory of the last gig despite the fact I am still unsure whether to buy a new Canon S95 or another camera.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alessi's Ark Club Passim 7th June 2011

Alessi's Ark performed a very low key under attended concert at Club Passim last week.
A sublimely intimate setting and a wonderfully warm pewrformer.
Forgive me I recorded the set and put it on youtube. You should have been there.

Martin Rushent RIP

11 July 1948 – 4 June 2011
I am not a huge producer person, I hate remixes but the death of Martin Rushent hit me in a way I can't explain. OK major admission I was there listening to music when Dare came out and changed our lives. I was struck dumb in admiration when Love and Dancing came out and I took my first steps to actually majorly fan girling on a remix album that stood on its own. OK now those who know math (or maths if you come from my native UK) understand I am the major old fogey around.
Dare really hit me, it hit most everyone I knew, music taken to a new level then on his death I find he did the Pete Shelley album Homosapien. Major admission here I remember listening to Homosapien the single and even at 15 feeling the need to jump on furniture and go crazy. The rest of the album was supremely sublime though not the soul crazing epic that I found Homosapien. He produced Altered Images for those songs that I danced like a loon too, he produced T-Rex can you say more. The Stranglers also owed him production credits. One of my obscure but loved artists Intaferon, yeah I know you haven't heard of them but go look up 'get out of london' or 'steamhammer sam', and now I know why their 12' mix of 'get out of london' broke my trend of not liking remixes. The Associates, yes you guessed it his finger was in there.
I can honestly say this man engineered my musical memories and I couldn't be more grateful. if you go to the facebook page of memories I defy you not to be touched.
Oh and his son is the lead singer in Does It Offend You Yeah!, it seems so fitting.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Wombats New york - part two

So recovering from the two gigs in one night, we packed our bags and left('bats song title reference in there) for NY. After setting into the hotel and heading down to Manhattan and Bowery, we saw the Wombats stuff being loaded in but took a break to eat some Chinese around the corner. after we decided just to hang out in the sun waiting for doors to open, about 5:30 the guys turned up looking rushed and late as normal.
Its kind of nice for the guys to take the time to say hi even in such cases making the others in line wonder at our familiarity.
despite Bowery making a complete bollocks of letting people in, GRRRR, why have people line up if you want to stab them in the back. We still managed to get where we wanted to be, at the front where Tord would be playing. The support band were pretty dire, very pretty lead singer but that really didn't make up for waek soings and off tune vocals.
THe 'Bats started with Our Perfect Disease, a song I am liking more and more from MG, then slipped into Kill The Director , at which point it is hard to see where more havoc was happening teh stage where Murph and Tord were ripping it up or the audience singing along as if their life depended on it.
The set included old and new, while I am instantly loving Fog , Tokyo,Techno Fan anti-D and Disease I am sure 1996, Schumaker will grow on me. In Boston we got patricia while in NY we got My first wedding. seeing those two hit my favorite great but not the usual old songs count me a very happy, exhausted physically wrecked fan.
The whole audience was utterly up for this gig to the point all three wombats went crowd surfing at the end, though Dan really should have removed his in ear monitor rather tahn losing it - OOPS!!!!!!
People think the wombats only do poppy songs but when you see them live you see Tord ripping hell on stage and Murph and Dan giving their all.
And while the first album discussed teenage angst the second under the pop and fluff discusses some debauched and serious topics. Lets face it over prescribing anti depressants, dysfunctional relationships, losing oneself by using prostitutes are not exactly sweet love stories but if it loses the bimbettes hopefully the second album with its increased depth will help sustain the fans they had and gain even more.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Wombats Boston & New York May 30/31st May 2011

ah the wombats, one of the bands which have a real soft spot in my heart. Why not? Three very real very genuine, friendly decent guys who kick ass on stage and have a plethora of amazing songs, what more could you ask for? (Well apart from Johnny Marr leaving them alone, please.....)
The 'Bats played a free WFNX show at Hurricane O'Reilly's in Boston on Monday. Despite it being memorial day there was a solid turn out and an enthusiastic crowd. Such a small stage but they still managed to evoke sheer havoc on stage.
It was so nice to see the guys again and a relief to see them revitalised and no longer hurting compared to last time.
despite it being a free show and them having to run off to catch a bus to New york (Bad Simon Bad...) the boys dis a full hour long show even returning for an encore.
as always they gave their all.
seeing it was only 10:15 we then ran off and saw Johnny flynn. He was amazing, the rude drunk frat boys should have been euthanized. Oh and I loved the irony of people singing along to Barnacled Warship, a vehemently anti - war song on Memorial day.

The Wombats Tokyo

The Wombats Jump into the fog

The Wombats Our Perfect Disease

Stornoway Boston May 28th 2011

When Stornoway played BMH on Saturday we decided sound was more important than closeness and considering the sound we manged to hear on Saturday I was really happy with our decision.
Sea of Bees was interesting but she was a bit weird, nice in small doses but not normal in any way.
Stornoway mostly played their album but the inter song dialog was charming and seeing their politics play right into my heart , Stellwagen bank & whales being mentioned as the real reason to come to boston, I bought right into this.
During a minor technical issue break we got to hear an acoustic version of a new song The Bigger Picture, quite an emotional song.

but then this is from a band that sings about the London bombing hidden under 'Here comes the blackout' - a song most Americans really don't dig into the back story for.

We also got treated to a rendition of a song written for their visit to Yale Natural Museum and its 'Blood suckers exhibition'. This may be the only version that people get to hear.

Finishing with acoustic versions of The Battery human, a song written to tell folks sitting in an office is not a life Stornoway finished a concert under attended but very well received.

Friendly Fires Boston 27 May 2011

Friendly Fires is an aberration in our music taste. We don't do disco BUT we do buy into amazing live acts and fantastically catchy songs and this is where Friendly Fires fall into our taste.
Wise Blood as a support band was just dire but thankfully they were off the stage relatively quickly.
Friendly Fires did not disappoint, the first time i saw them I danced until I thought I would die, then the second I wasn't as enthused, this third time I fell back into dancing until I felt I would drop. Pela is a good album though to me only Hawaiian air stood out. Despite that each songs provided an amazingly danceable experience and Ed manages to incite crowd fervor by his dancing and general interaction.
I just can't imagine another band who would not play as fantastic a song as Photobooth. With live acts like this who needs to go to the gym. Paris, Jump In The Pool, Hawaiian Air, paris, Lovesick this band played an impressive set to keep anyone happy.
Friendly Fires Lovesick

Friendly Fires Hawaiian Air

Glasvegas- Boston May 26th 2011

Glasvegas hasn't had it easy recently, James has admitted a coke habit and popular belief is its not over and his current physique doesn't suggest life is good. Then we have to consider the venue, For Brighton Music Hall you have to choose do you get close to the band, try to get decent photos or stand behind the bass speakers from 'Avalon' be three feet from the stage and be almost aligned to where the house speakers are, this venue is just the pits.
We chose the stage for this and suffered by having major issues hearing any of James' vocal.
The new album really isn't that good, I keep starting to listen and then forgetting it is on. James looks wrecked, emaciated and just in poor shape, I felt sorry for him, not the prime emotion a lead singer is supposed to evoke. The songs played early in the set just basically died but at least two new songs, Shine Like Stars & Lots Sometime, gained life when played live. The older songs held up, well except for Flowers and Football tops which was done in a semi acoustic method which really lost all potency. But enough of the old songs - Geraldine, Go Square Go and Daddy's Gone managed to get the crowd going and saved the night from disaster.

Glasvegas Shine Like Stars

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Seven shows in seven days - Hey Rosetta!

So tired, so beat up excuse me if I fall asleep while I write this but very happy and kind of glowing feeling too.
People wonder why I go to so many shows and I can honestly say the past week was a great a example of why.
On Wednesday we went to see Hey Rosetta!, they are a promising band from Newfoundland, Canada. They have done two support shows in Boston before (that I know of) and have been developing quite a following quietly by being a solid live band with enjoyable indie folks songs. This was their first headline show and at our favorite venue, Great Scott.
The support band despite being from Boston was actually quite enjoyable though I wouldn't go see them as a headline act.
Hey Rosetta! were very well received with a large crowd, it may even have been sold out, but the audience gave attention when warranted and some silence when asked.
Despite relatively young, (mea culpa my initial facts were proved false, this band has three albums thanks sheppard_ryan11 for pointing out my error in only referencing their album I had been listening to) the band played for over an hour leaving a very happy audience.
This band is worth watching and if you havent seen them before I would suggest you put them onto your watch list.

Hey Rosetta!Yer Spring

Hey Rosetta! Bandages

Sunday, May 01, 2011

new upcoming gigs

Just a quick word to the wise
recent tickets on sale that you would be silly to miss.
I suggest you grab tickets to see Hey Rosetta! at Great Scott on may 25th, we saw these guys support Hot Hot Heat and they put on a pretty amazing show.
and talking about amazing shows the very wonderful and soon to be renowned Grouplove come back to Great Scott to headline on the 15th of June. Seeing you wont have to put up with loser fans of Foster The People this should be a good show.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Goodbye Protokoll

Protokoll, why did you never live up to what you could have been?
Last night in Allston at Great Scott was an impressive performance made more remarkable by the fact these guys have been apart for about 4 years.
Perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention but the playing seemed tight, the renditions of well loved songs well received and it was a generally rapturously received performance.
If the guys could have done this every time then perhaps they would have got some place.
Instead I have a hand numbered and created cd cover made from a beer bag of the Protokoll EP2 that no one thought would ever be made, this seems curiously apt..

Protokoll Moving Forward Great Scott Boston 3rd April 2011

Protokoll in the fall Great Scott Boston 3rd April 2011

Protokoll Holy Divine Great Scott Boston 3rd April 2011

Protokoll DNR Great Scott Boston 3rd April 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Music everywhere

So its post SXSW and while I defuse from music overload - terrible thing - NOT. Bands seem to be stampeding into Boston at a rate I can barely keep up with.
I have loads to see, masses of photos to sort and literally hundreds of videos to put up, I think I am at 50 videos uploaded and not nearly finished yet.
Oh yes and about 30 compilations and other cds from SXSW to rip.
Today April 2nd PS I love you play TT's at 6pm, it seems such a gift when we are exhausted it seems criminal not to go.
We missed Protokoll last night. Yes, Protokoll, that sloppy typical Boston band. They had good songs but so prone to over indulgence and playing solely to their friends they never really got a tight performance but perhaps that was what people wanted.
This reappearance just seems surreal.
On Thursday Grouplove comes to town. Are they really the headliner - not now but having played everywhere during SXSW they are now beloved of KEXP and NPR and rightly so, an American band I totally endorse
Grouplove New Shapes Party Klub Krucial SXSW 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

SXSW thoughts

ok, before I forget quick notes
I now/still love
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Twilight Sad
Funeral Suits
Mystery Jets
Withered Hand
Kid Canaveral
Admiral Fallow
Edwyn Collins
Boy & Bear
Pulled Apart By Horses (live only)
King/Kid Creosote

realised that Brother and The Vaccines are all hype no reality
and got totally sick of Jonquil
more details on request.

Cold Cave's new one

Cold Cave show promise
listen here if you want

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SXSW Saturday

Viva City
Dinosaur Pile-Up
Pulled apart By Horse
David Thomas Broughton
Little Comets
Wolf Gang
Mystery Jets
A Silent Film
The Twilight Sad
The TumbleDryer Babies
Time New Viking
Clock Opera

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SXSW Friday

legs killing us but keeping on going

the Lost Brothers
Gold Motel
Funeral Suits
Esben & The Witch
Veronica Falls
Rachel Sermanni
King Kreosote
the people's temple
we are animal
little comets
chad valley
esben & the witch
Bombay Bicycle Club

Friday, March 18, 2011

SXSW thursday

the features
antonio lulic
erland and the carnival
neon hitch
eliza doolittle
edwyn collins
bear driver
ham sandwich
funeral suits
ellie goulding
Boy & Bear
Bombay Bicycle Club

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Admiral Fallow play Boston March 22nd

Admiral Fallow and EXCELLENT scottish band play the lizard lounge on March 22nd. Just saw them play here at SXSW, strongly suggest you go see them.

SXSW so much music

Jonquil Austin trade show next stage
The Boxer Rebellion Austin trade show next stage
Bright Light Bright Light
Pulled Apart By Horses
The Boxer Rebellion

withered hand ioda
the vaccines aol pop up show
lanterns on teh lake
alessi's ark
dry the river
jamie woon
Bombay bicycle club

withered hand
kid canaveral
dry the river
o emperor
admiral fallow
the twilight sad

Monday, January 17, 2011

SXSW 2011

interested in seeing this bunch at first perusal
Admiral Fallow
Alessi's Ark
The Answering Machine
Bang Bang Eche
Banjo Or Freakout
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Boxer Rebellion
Chapel Club
The Crookes
Dinosaur Pile-Up
The Duke Spirit
Edwyn Collins
Eliza Doolittle
Erland & The Carnival
The Twilight Sad
Tigers That Talked
Frankie and the Heartstrings
General Fiasco
Withered Hand
Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers
The Gin Riots
Goldheart Assembly
The Joy Formidable
Kid Canaveral
The Lines
Micachu & the Shapes
One Night Only
Operator Please
Pete and The Pirates
The Pipettes
Post War Years
Pulled Apart by Horses
Rolo Tomassi
Scars On 45
Small Sins
Summer Camp
Takka Takka
The Vaccines
The Whip
The Xcerts