Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Irish are coming

say Yeah!
there are four extremely interesting and musically excellent bands playing Boston in the near future all with cheap and in one case free tickets.
So go get them now!
First autumn Owls play The Bell In Hand Tavern in Faneuil Hall area on Thursday the 28th - $5 its a bargain

Then Kodaline play Church in a Radio BDC +1 gig on March 7th, interesting young band and the concert is free, why would you not go?

Get tickets here

then Little Green Cars play The Sinclair March 23rd, slightly folk centred this is another band to listen to.

Funeral Suits who are weird and wonderful play Cafe 369 on March 25th. We wanted to go to Canada to see them we liked them so much but Cafe 369 is so much closer.

So much Irish, so much good music. I will be at all four concerts - will you?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gig review - just last week

So time to post again. We just saw three bands from Thursday through Sunday, again all vastly different

First The spinto Band, this band is personable and put on a nice show in a great venue on thursday. but it is just so sad to see such a meager turn out and muted response. I seriously wonder if they should just call it a day and start day jobs much as they charmed. Unfortunately the two local support bands Nassy and yale, massachusetts were neither talented or charming oh and their fans were pretty foul to watch as well.

Next Benjamin Francis Leftwich played a free show for Radio BDC in the back room of Moksa on Friday 22nd. He is a wonderful charming act - though he should realise he supported The Jezebels when last he played not Imagine Dragons who were the support. But why would you come to see this singer song writer if you want to talk through his show? STFU - really when a quiet act is playing have the decency to just SHUT UP.
Benjamin Francis Leftwich Snowship Naga Cambridge Boston 22nd February 2013

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Pictures Naga Cambridge Boston 22nd February 2013

Next Beach Fossils played a sold out show at TTs on Sunday the 24th. Support bands Orca Orca and burgularly years both put on a decent show. The Last two times Beach fossils played Boston they played Great Scott with Warpaint and Javelin and craft Spells.
Now it seems the crowd is very different, it used to be people danced and had a good time, last night it was a mosh pit of fury, a bit disconcerting when you consider the music they play is laid back danceable music.
It would be nice if some of those folks had tried moving back as well as forward, as moving through the speakers as they shoved really was a physical impossibility and it is pretty freaky to relaise there is someone standing under your feet, when you are right against teh stage and cant move forward an inch.
But still a nice show, wild energetic and very well played.

Hopefully I will grab a few moments next to write about the next shows worth seeing.