Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Whiskas Review of FR playing Boston

Stolen From FR's site so I can easily reference it.



The start of our US tour proper, and hopefully we can keep this more upto date!
So all refreshed after a week off, we were up early and on our to Manchester airport on a Sunday morning.

Manchester Airport seems to have adopted a policy of being the most unhelpful airport in the world, and we had numerous problems getting our gear on the plane. Ahh well, we did arrive with enough time to have breakfast at the airport, which I think is a world place.

A few more security checks and we got on the plane, which was alright. Continental Airlines this time - nothing special.

Arrived at Newark Airport about 2.30pm local time after a 8 hour flight, and despite people being lovely it took us about an hour to get through immigration to meet our new tour manager Kelly. Kelly seems really organised and we were to spend our first night in the US in the Hilton! Check us the fuck out

We have loads of press to do on this tour, including an 11pm phone interview the night we arrived (4am UK time) and a 9.30am radio interview the next day. Not condusive at all. But anyway, before we had our night's sleep it's worth mentioning that we went out for food. All the boys had ribs, me and Dan Kiener had Strawberry Daquari's. Both these things will probably figure prominantly over the coming weeks. Had a quick drink in the bar trying to figure out American Football too - my team is the Buffalo Bills I think. I may change. Dan is supporting the Seahawks I think.

Anyway, first full day we do a cool radio interview early, hooking up with Elena from Mute Records. Actually I expand, cos this radio station isn't a normal radio station. They played my request of Frequency Ass Bandit by Botch while we were there (at 10am) - aparently it's kinda Pirate radio, but not really. Messugah is a favourite on the breakfast show too. Wierd.

Snowden have pulled out of the first gig - bless 'em they only played in the UK a couple of days ago, I don't blame them. They will join us tomorrow in New York. Their mystery replacements only ends up being Read Yellow though, fresh from finishing their 2nd album. They played The Vine you know back in the day.

So that was cool and they were awesome.

We missed the beggining unfortunately cos we were eating somewhere that had 105 beers on tap. No Tyskie though. Or Kingfisher. Me and Kiener had Daquari's. Possible error before a show, more likely completely awesome.

The show was cool, we seem to have some very enthusiastic fans in Boston, which was warming on our first show back. US electricity and the majority of our gear had a massive falling out as usual and we spent a couple of periods trying to fix stuff that had gone wrong, as well as problems with Tom's mikes (ripping the lead unplugged and then not knowing where to plug it in again) and my guitar (the screw falling out of my strap, so I need to glue it back together tonight)

We played:

Fifteen Part II
Fifteen Part I

A nice night! Just getting to Manhatten now, hopefully we can keep this updated better than over the last few weeks

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