Sunday, September 09, 2007

the cinematics tt the bears Sept 5th

We took a friend to this who has been sidelined with a 2 year old sprog and hasnt been to a gig at TT's for over 10 years. So nice to walk in and have Scott call us over for a chat. This is a genuine band who slog their guts out touring. The gig was fun and we even got a new track. We have been listening to them playing a strange Education for nearly two years now and so feel an empathy for the guys who are getting a little OD'ed on playing the songs live. They still kick butt (and would get scalped if they underperformed in Scotland and specifically in Glasgow).
Scott manages to effortlessly hit notes most vocalists wouldn't even try live. I have such a soft spot for this band and will see them each time they come and play. So sweet getting a hug and a hi after the gig. If you haven't bought their CD or seen them live then why not? Do it tomorrow.........

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