Monday, January 28, 2008

Bedouin Soundclash Harpers Ferry Jan 2008

A mix of a night. We arrived before the place got too busy the front area was still unfilled. Beat Union turned out to be a good clash based punkish band from London, Fun and definitely a decent support band. Westbound Train, tres retro and too cliche to appeal to me. Totally understood why folks were going crazy. There were some wrecked young brats next to us, the girls had got past the carding and were drinking incessantly, the guys hadn't and had x's on their hand. One guy blatantly sat physically on me waiting for Bedouin. Him and his mate continued being so close it was uncomfortable. Yes I could have moved away from the stage but why should I move away because of immature assholes?
Bedouin the same clash based Police derivatives. does it seem crazy to say at times I just closed my eyes and lost myself in the beat of the music. That was the best, the other times they lost the tempo. As the encore started I must admit I lost my patience and shoved back at the losers who were sitting physically on top of me in just plain rudeness, the guy exploded and spent the next five minutes yelling at me, just wouldn't stop, didn't even think of where this had started I wasn't even where I had started having moved slightly over. Perhaps too old I expect not to be physically moved upon then yelled at. Asshole! and as a Scot I just refuse to be intimidated which as a female at 5'4 doesn't bode well and the hubby is too wimpish to stand up for my aggressive tartan ways.
I do love Bedouin , I think they are better live than on CD but still would return to see them again. Boy do people ever reinforce my generic hatred of the human race.

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