Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The state of Live music

I have been going to a lot of concerts recently. Even the bad ones are worthwhile and interesting BUT note the venues I go to - TT's, Great Scott, Middle East and the Paradise. Is it really a concert when you go to a huge arena and watch the band on stage only through the video screens they provide. why don't you just stay at home and watch the DVD.
Last night we were at The Paradise seeing Mobius Band, Black Kids and Cut Copy. None of these bands are on my top 50 but they are so much more than watching a band on a video screen. Call me crazy but dodging the spit, mis-aimed plectrums, spilled water bottles has to be better than that.
The Agganis Arena is a monstrosity, 6K capacity with parking lots provided by BU. But isn't that negated when they extort $25 for parking, $25 only $1 less than we paid for our two tickets last night. No wonder 3000 cars flood the area looking for on street parking. Then a large proportion of those 6000 crowd into every bar or restaurant in a half mile radius. So last night we arrive as normal (going to The Paradise about once very two to three weeks all year) and find no place to relax.
If you are going to the Agganis you are seeing a stale clinical removed performance, that is not live music so stop annoying those of us who do support live music.

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