Monday, July 28, 2008

Subways at The Paradise

WOW, I was tired, miserable, pissed off because work sucks and MGMT and Ting Tings had been fun but not that much fun.
Then came the Subways. Half Panto, half showmen/women, 100% performers.
Its not often you burst into a concert and dance and smile your way through the whole delightful thing. Having already heard the yet to be released album I loved even the songs which many folks didn't move to.
These guys write bright bouncy, hard rocking guitar, bass and rum rhythms to make your butt move and make your spirits soar.
Miserably attended so that half the Paradise was shut off the idiots who paid a fortune to see MGMT should have been there on Saturday to see what a real band can do.
Absolutely loved you guys.

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