Thursday, July 02, 2009

WOW- Twilight Sad/ Brakes/ Jetpacks

Checking the Phoenix this jumps out and knocks me off my feet.
The Twilight Sad + The Rakes + We Were Promised Jetpacks | October 7 at Great Scott, Boston | $12 | On sale Thursday, July 9, at 10 am |
actually its Brakes aka brakesbrakesbrakes.
Three totally amazing bands at a totally amazing venue.
Who cares about Macca the boys will be back in town.
The Jetpacks album These Four Walls is astoundingly good and the teases we have of The Twilight Sad album leaves me gasping.
Brakes? well what can you say about the band that gave you Cheney, love love love them.
Go or regret it forever.

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