Friday, July 16, 2010

long time no post- LightSpeed champion & Bear In Heaven Live

ok I need to get busy and post about the music I have been seeing and loving etc.

Fo example last Tuesday everything collided in Boston.
So Cow played Great Scott, thought he was fun when he played O'Brien's and would have been there if he had played ANY other night but I wasnt going to miss other bands for him.
Then We are Scientist played the Middle East downstairs, which would be fun if Bear In Heaven hadnt been playing next door. Then the kicker set in they announced LightSpeed Champion as the support as well as an unknown band Rewards.
If you don't adore Dev AKA Lightspeed Champion I don't want to talk to you. He is self effacing a musical genius and a real funny genuine guy. So we had to go- then to our delight we find Rewards is Dev and his mate Aaron - oh rapture two sets from Dev after SOOOOOOOO very very long.
so after this delight and despite the trio of assholes who were so very very verbal during his show we ran over to TT's.
There we caught the last song from Twin Sister, if you don't know them its easily remedied as NYCtaper has two live sets and their own website has two eps free to download. Interesting and wish we had seen more but wouldn't have missed a second of Dev.
Then Bear In Heaven came on. They seem to be part of this new laid back musical trend. I would place them alongside Local Natives but I think I preferred them. Though with less buzz the atmosphere was so much cooler that was easier.
So one night four bands, two performances from Dev and ending up being pretty laid back. Oh and EVERY band was American and I still loved the night so habits can be broken.

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