Saturday, April 02, 2011

Music everywhere

So its post SXSW and while I defuse from music overload - terrible thing - NOT. Bands seem to be stampeding into Boston at a rate I can barely keep up with.
I have loads to see, masses of photos to sort and literally hundreds of videos to put up, I think I am at 50 videos uploaded and not nearly finished yet.
Oh yes and about 30 compilations and other cds from SXSW to rip.
Today April 2nd PS I love you play TT's at 6pm, it seems such a gift when we are exhausted it seems criminal not to go.
We missed Protokoll last night. Yes, Protokoll, that sloppy typical Boston band. They had good songs but so prone to over indulgence and playing solely to their friends they never really got a tight performance but perhaps that was what people wanted.
This reappearance just seems surreal.
On Thursday Grouplove comes to town. Are they really the headliner - not now but having played everywhere during SXSW they are now beloved of KEXP and NPR and rightly so, an American band I totally endorse
Grouplove New Shapes Party Klub Krucial SXSW 2011

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