Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Albums 2011

OK everyone is doing it so why not
in no particular order:

The Indelicates - David Koresh Superstar got to love a duo to make a musical of this subject, though I do not quote I do believe they are as cynical and aethiest as I am

Bombay Bicycle Club - A different Kind Of Fix Love this album though by the time it came out Bad Timing and Sleep seemed comfortable and not new, Shuffle was amazing.

The Wombats - This Modern Glitch - perfect pop from perfectly human guys. Not sure I am comfortable yet with Murph opening his problems to the world but so so happy to see them slap the NME and all doubters in the face, the boys came back with a vengeance.

Emmy The Great - Virtue totally love this album and find more to adore the more I listen, Dinosaur Sex is just perfect.

Fight Like Apes - The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner again they produce punchy perfect music with an absurdist title. I just wish hey toured the US at least once or a million times.

Now my two cheats - actually released in 2010 but I was absurdly slow

Endor - Endor you should have heard PopCop expounding on this band and now hear my please - listen and love. able to be found on bandcamp the best way to buy music.

My First Tooth - Territories not quite sure how this love started but this album was amazingly great. Find them on the Alcopop label.

Sam Duckworth - The Mannequin AKA Get Cape Wear Cape Fly sweetly endearing and life affirming

Telekinesis - 12 Desperate Straight Lines- yes an American - or more precisely its Michael Benjamin Lerner. Hard to pick a track but listen to Car Crash or Dirty Thing and not smile and sing a long a little and you must be dead.

Tom Vek - Leisure Seizure - wow when we thought he had disappeared the king of synth came back with a wonderful album

Yuck - Yuck - taking the best from Cajun Dance Party , that is Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom, indeed Daniel also being Oupa which started as Yu(c)k. This band came to SXSW and then toured the US allowing us all to see how brilliantly songs like Rubber and Suicide Policeman sounded live.

being pushed elsewhere as 2011 but we know they were 2010 but still loved Kid Canaveral Shouting at wildlife and Admiral Fallow's Boots Met My Face.

you may notice I was lucky enough to have seen most of my picks live if not this year in previous years.
also pretty good was Wild Beasts Smother, Friendly Fires Pala, The Joy Formidable The Big Roar though not totally loved

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