Saturday, January 14, 2012

Upcoming concerts

yeah I know this assumes someone else reads this but..............
upcoming in Boston despite the fact that so many bands are tending to avoid Boston

arriving at The Lily Pad Samantha Crain on February 3rd. Looking like someone in the crowd rather than a pop star but with an amazing voice and personable stage presence that has gathered fans like First Aid Kit this gig is worth your time

go see Cate Le bon TT's on February 8th, charming, talented and worth a night out.

We totally fell in love with Slow Club at SXSW 2009, at long last they are playing Boston at TT's. Great on record they produce a knockout show. A duo if Charles and Rebecca they gel like superglue. Rebecca has been known to drink a little and it seems every guy on the UK indie scene has a little crush on her. SXSW 2010 when they closed out the Saturday night Rebecca was wrecked but put on an awesome show, made me laugh and be in awe all at once.

if you have time and know the uk series Come Dine with me watch this and laugh like crazy

At long last The Twilight Sad are about to release their third album - yes the first release was not an album. If you aren't insane like us and joining them in DC they arrive at Brighton music Hall February 26th. The more I listen the more I love this music basically folk music (which you can tell if you see James and Andy do an acoustic set) it is presented as a wall of sound that astounds you.
Their bass player left and Dok joined on keyboard and Johnny from Take A Worm For A Walk both of who are now integral parts of the band.

Just before SXSW Bombay Bicycle Club come back over to the US they play the Middle East Downstairs on March 9th. stunning band - so young you can barely believe that they have three amazing albums and many EPS under their belt. such talent so young. If you ever want to figure how music talent spiders through a family look up Jamie MacColl - yes THAT MacColl.
listen below and if this song isnt about early morning sex then my mind is just too much in the gutter.

Also coming so look them up Dry the River and We Are Augustines

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