Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Cribs- Boston May 5th

Absolutely great news- The Cribs just announced they will be playing Boston May 4th. The Middle East no word as to whether it is upstairs or downstairs. It should be downstairs as they are just amazing but then they have played Great Scott it hasnt been as busy as it could be.
They also play New York the 2nd and 3rd, yes I am tempted oh so tempted. Crib addiction is so harsh. I just know that I will be getting tickets as soon as possible. Evil thoughts like buy all the tickets and have an intimate evening with the Cribs- wouldnt that be fun. Imagaine it. I would like 600 tickets please! Yes 600! Paper a room with the tickets and just smile! Hey $6000 isnt so bad.......

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Jim said...

If you can fit in seeing The Hedrons at SXSW I'd recommend it. They are a lot better live than the album would suggest.