Sunday, February 04, 2007

Recent Concerts

So back to the safe.
On Monday the 29th thru the 31st I saw a Paul Weller play Irving Plaza in NY. Much vaunted as three very different nights a certain amount of hysteria ensued after the anouncement of a Jam, Style Council and Paul Weller Night. People paid huge amounts of money and many many folks flew in from the UK and from all around the US. As it turned out Paul is still not able to deal with the lagacy of The Jam. I get the idea that he feels that by not playing an evening of The Jam and the Style council he kept his integrity. I don't agree - he still by inaction condoned the marketing of these evenings, in fact by condioning the selling of such evenings while he knew he would not actually doing it he sold out his sell out.
Paul- if you had integrity you would not have sold these tickets you would have cancelled and resold as three Paul Weller nights. I am sorry you are arrogant and dismissive of your fans. A musical genius its true but an arrogant self-obsesses unlikeale person non the less.
That said to hear 'The butterfly collector', 'Tales from the riverbank' and 'speak like a child' was heartbreakingly wonderful. but 6 hours of Paul lets just say I have had a glut.
The sets
SYMBOLS: *Paul Weller | "Style Council | ^The Jam

Science* / Peacock Suit* / Into Tomorrow* / From The Floorboards Up* / Paper Smile* / Savages* / Fly Little Bird* / Wildwood* / Up in Suzie's Room* / All The Pictures On The Wall* / Above The Clouds* / Hung Up* / Porcelain Gods* / Walk On Gilded Splinters* / Wishing On A Star* / Roll Along Summer* / Butterfly Collector^ / Here's The Good News* / You Do Something To Me* / Broken Stones* / Changing Man* / Whirlpools End* // Come on Let's Go* // Thick As Thieves^ // I Wanna Make It Alright* // Sunflower* // Town Called Malice^

Its a very Deep Sea" / Headstart For Happiness" / Speak Like A Child" / Down In The Seine" / Man Of Great Promise" / My Ever Changing Moods" / Long Hot Summer" / Shout To The Top* / Peacock Suit* / Out Of The Sinking* / From The Floorboards Up* / Into Tomorrow* / Above The Clouds* / Amongst Butterflies* / Porcelain Gods* / Walk on Gilded Splinters* / Butterfly Collector^ / Thinking of You (With Paolo Nuttini)* / That's Entertainment^ / Here's the Good News* / Broken Stones* / Changing Man* / Foot of the Mountain* // Come On Let's Go* // I Wanna Make It Alright* // Town Called Malice^

Shopping^ / Tales from a Riverbank^ / Carnation^ / English Rose^ / That's Entertainment^ / Man in the Corner Shop^ / Thick as Thieves^ / In the Crowd^ / From the Floor Boards Up* / Paper Smile* / All the Pictures on the Wall* / Above the Clouds* / Running on the Spot^ / Porcelain Gods* / I Walk on Gilded Splinters* / Wildwood* / Savages* / Fly Little Bird* / Pebble and the Boy* / Broken Stones* / You Do Something to Me* / Come On Let's Go* / Changing Man* / Foot of the Mountain* // I Wanna Make It Alright* // Sunflower* // Town Called Malice^

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