Monday, May 21, 2007

great escape brighton in a nutshell

pretty damn good. Last gig we went to (twilight sad) we ended up on one of the nme photos standing at the front.
We saw; james yorkson, kubichek!, kissaway trail, 1990s, sergeant, the dykeenies, passenger, the runners, midway state, oh No ONo, Pigeon detectives, mechanical bride, battle, foals, holloways, the answering machine, noisettes, Maths Class , ripchord, the rev, strange death of liberal england, mumm-ra, winterkids, rank deluxe, charlottefield and twilight sad.
not a bad haul. We also bumped into and talked to Ryan pigeon, last gang, ripchord, keith the mumm-ra manager, Noo and the twilight sad guitarist and bass player.

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