Friday, May 25, 2007

Great Escape Thursday

We started the festival by going to an instore with James Yorkston. His music is very gentle and simple and a young violinist accompanied him. He did about five songs, very self effacing.
We then walked down to the Zap Club arriving in time to stand in line for Kubichek. They did an excellent set, I realized that I was completely ignorant of the fact they come all the way from Newcastle. It was amusing to hear their Geordie accents. Nightjoy was ebulient though I would have suggested that they finish on a more upbeat song.
We then headed off to downstairs at Oasis to position ourselves for the 1990s. We stood through the kissaway trail. They are being hyped as arcade fire like- perhaps thats why I thought they were only mediocre. We managed to manouevre to a decent spot for the 1990s who were running late. Oh boy is their singer UGLY with a capital U. But though they have little musical substance they were fun bouncy and musically competent. The set included yours supposed to be my friend plus cult status and all the better songs from cookies. We then dashed off to Hectors House and got here in time for a break before Sergeant. Sergeant were incredibly good and we were very impressed - totally a new myspace friend and we will hope they come over to the USA. but they are SO young - startlingly so.
The Dykeenies came on next and finished the night with a fun set, but I preferred the Sergeant set as the songs were much better.
We got setlists from Kubichek! and The Dykeenies.

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