Friday, April 18, 2008

Mumm-Ra call it a day

On the 17th of March Mumm-Ra announced they are splitting up and calling it a day. A Favorite on the board I frequent I started to listen to this band about 18 months ago. We saw them at SXSW 2007 both at the NME party and at their official showcase. This is a band I took to my heart and loved. We also bumped into Noo at the Pigeon Detectives gig, having a hilarious conversation where he swore that both computers and Radio 1 had ruined his life, in a drunken haze of course, hilarious when you consider he uses that as a lyric.
We also had the chance to see them at The Great Escape 2007 again loving every second. Their album which came out at the same time was amazing and the extra demo tracks astoundingly good.
But I want to know who will have custody of Matthew The Duck?
Why this music languishes undiscovered while crap from reality shows makes big money astounds and saddens me.
Mumm-Ra, Tommy B, Noo and Matthew The Duck I will miss you more than i thought possible.
Mumm-Ra - Starlight

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Highlander said...

That is a shame. They were often played on XFM Manchester, the radio station of choice on the drive to/from work, and I often listen to 'Out Of The Question' but I must confess to not having heard much else (that I could name anyway).