Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 reviews

We went to a lot of gigs in 2008, no really, a lot.......
We figure we will have been to 113 or 117 shows by the end of the year depending on whether we call CMJ a festival or not. Yes that's right that outrageous figure doesn't include SXSW!
About one very three days, not bad when you consider we both hold two very time consuming jobs (60 or so hours a week).
So its probably time to review highlights and bands who we saw for the first time or that impressed us and those that didn't.

2008 saw The Spinto band implode, releasing a mediocre second album and losing any energy that they had at the start of the year. We saw them in Philly in January and Boston in May then in October. Not a good situation.

We saw White Williams at The Middle East Upstairs in January, young and green, his album is spotty but has some good tracks, this one may burn out or mature and improve.

We saw Ra Ra Riot many times (6) in 2008, starting in February sometimes as a headliner other times supporting The Cribs, we never were disappointed and I love their album.

On the other hands The Virgins who we saw that night in February plus another support slot just bugged the hell out of me, file this under Vampire Weekend syndrome, over hyped and under talented, I loath this band.

Spear of Destiny, a blast of the past, Kirk Brandon still rocking good style so glad we got to see the show and a side note Kirk was a real nice guy.

Liars & No Age, well sometimes you have got to listen to what is popular locally, even when as in this case it just leaves you lost as to the appeal. Leave it as not for me.
Until later..........

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