Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sometimes you love bands as soon as you hear them, this year Cajun Dance Party and Look See proof both astonished with their debut albums. Then there are bands who you hear and think are interesting then a funny thing happens when you see them live suddenly the music doesn't just make sense it deepens and you see the layers the depth the necessity of it.
Seeing the Cribs for th first time showed how The New fellas was an essential listen which made your heart soar, then again when we caught These New Puritans, an album which had appeared spotty when listening to it suddenly showed its depth and undercurrents and became essential listening. JoFo took a little longer, the first time we saw them they intrigued but after two additional gigs at CMJ they sneaked under my skin so much that I cant stop listening to the CD. As you listen you can just go back and see the intricacies and passion of the live set.
So does it surprise you that my top albums of 2008 are going to include The Colourful Life, Between Here And There, Waited Up 'til It Was Light and Beat Pyramid?


2plus2isjoe said...

I actually found These New Puritans less interesting when I saw them live, he took himself so seriously that it ended up annoying me.

Look See Proof used to play free gigs at my sister's school when they were a really small band, the bassist worked there!

JaneInMA said...

Funny that, we were frozen out by Sophie who really wasnt interested in chatting . BUT after the show at Great Scott Jack and George started a conversation and were really friendly and sweet.