Thursday, March 12, 2009


So its SXSW next week. That's when you get in two minds - one one hand you want your favorite bands to have a good showing but on the other you want to be able to run from place to place to get a great view.
they have found my soft spot Jarvis Cocker is talking and of course may play. I hate large shows that the crowds love but this is one I would break all the rules for.
But for small bands I am looking forward to seeing
Pete and The Pirates, Sky Larkin, Danananaykroyd, Hatcham Social, The Cheek, Late Of The Pier,Esser, General Fiasco, Fighting with Wire, Fight Like Apes, We Were promised jetpacks.
Curently I am having heart attacks trying to figure out how best to see the most novel bands that are worthwhile.
I know it will all work out but teh anticipation is pretty extreme.

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