Monday, April 06, 2009

Paul Haig Day

Around the web people are joining in with Paul Haig day see The Vinyl Villian for details
Apart from telling the DMCA to screw themselves there is a very good reason to do this.
Paul Haig is EXTREMELY well respected musician more so in Scotland, even more so in Edinburgh.
Josef K put out quirky pop on Postcard Records which I was far too young and dumb to appreciate. Then minding my own business I heard and totally and utterly fell in love with his solo record, Heaven Sent. Go on listen and see if you too do not fall in love. I bought the 7", the 12" and most of his albums all based on undying adoration for this jewel of a song.
Paul Haig Heaven Sent

The man is also a gent who has stood behind the idea of blogs supporting rather than killing music - see the Vinyl villian

Listen to Paul's new single, Reason by getting it here


Mona said...

Good on you and you are right about him obviosly being a gent. He is on the right track supporting blogs and there ius obviously a lot of good will towards the man and his music the past couple of days. I have added yr page to mine.

JC said...

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your words of support today.

Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your support from Paul Haig strictly solo artist

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your support