Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy, busy busy

life is hitting me in the face, as well as loving music I love chinchillas (rodent, look it up), all eight of mine. One is fourteen and feeling sorry for himself, one had bladder stones and is recuperating from major abdominal surgery and scaring me daily and another has broken his leg and amputation is incipient.
While going crazy at home music has decided to come back to Boston, I try but I can't get 95% of American music but the Brits are back in town.
Travis hit House of blues tomorrow, a rash buy means I see them at long last when I am probably past such pastoral sounds. Is it harsh to wish they would just play good Feeling end to end seeing they had balls then?
Oh well in between nursing my fuzzies I will go and see how they deliver. I just don't like wimpy and IK don't like HOB, too cavernous too yucky!.
Bat For lashes- boo hoo - just canceled Natasha was real nice at Great Scott, I was looking forward to seeing the new album done live.
Wednesday I get to see Noah and The Whale, twee as f*ck but joyous and fun, why not? I say yes.
Then Friday and Saturday, joy of joy I get to see Twilight Sad again. This band just gets better and better the more you listen to them, SO MUCH BETTER than FR! (oops sorry guys) I have missed seeing these kids. Hoping against hope tehy will be manning the merch table, as I want to touch base.
They are the BEST band around you are not listening too, if you haven't listened incessantly try now and do NOT stop.
oh yeah and mogwai also play those two nights, I do wonder if I will like them.
also coming up enter shikari and cut off your hands but that's for a later blog.

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Jim said...

I think the ONLY way you could get me to see Travis would be if they just played the songs from Good Feeling and nothing else.