Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Yummy Fur Market Hotel Brooklyn

I have been going to gigs for a long time, no please don't ask, but this must be the most disgusting run down calamity of a shack masquerading as a venue. When you see teh lead singer of the first band openly swap dope and start to smoke it in his bong right in front of you that just about sets the tone of the night.
The first three bands, the suprisers, german measles and macdonalds were catastrophic and the reason I proclaim to hate american music.
Bishop Allan, a band a couple of my friends have been suggesting, in contrast seemed beautifully talented. Their set breezed by and though if headlining you wont find me lined up as a support they were glorious.
OK, the yummy fur, I call your bluff guys most of you exhorting they had been waiting fourteen years- BS!, especially in the USA with the worst radio sites on the planet. In the 2000s the internet has the capacity to save US music fans but back then they just died.
Its good to actually be able to see Paul,, but otherwise its just like a dated form of the 1990s. fun but definitely more hype than substance. But saying that I did enjoy the music.

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