Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Your Vegas Middle East Upstairs Jan 16th 2010

We saw Your Vegas way back when they supported The Bravery, which of course we were not there to see but to see Switches (dearly departed). Your Vegas a bunch of lads from Leeds who have settled in New York provided a interesting set both nights and made us decide to keep them on our radar.
So when they hit Boston in January we made the effort to go see them. They seem to have a hard time getting their own followers rather than offcasts from their support slots. As a old time British duran fan, I have to admit the tubby aging Duranies with their closed musical taste just become an embarrassment and liability. I may have started there but I feel I have moved on, miles and miles........
Your Vegas do play as if they are in a stadium but there songs are fun ranging from some songs with rousing guitar, bass and drum rhythms to the slower ballads.
They are in the progress of recording a new album and I wish them luck, this show was a mix of old and new and all are pretty good songs. My favorite new band? no but a band I will keep an eye on and support where possible.

Your Vegas Aurora Middle East Upstairs Boston Jan 16th

Your Vegas Troubled Time Middle East Upstairs Boston Jan 16th

Your Vegas Gospel Middle East Upstairs Boston Jan 16th

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