Thursday, September 09, 2010

September update

So we started with Marina And the Diamonds and Young the Giant on September 1st.
Young The Giant show promise but are still green but as support bands go were listenable - a nice change.
Marina what can I say? Hype hype and more hype,she is naive and I quite frankly do not buy into the hype. quite enjoyable but I can't say I would rush back to see her.

Now on the 7th we went to see Telekinesis and Somebody still loves You Boris Yeltsin. Wow Telekinesis kick it live, the main guy, Michale is a powerhouse and the poor drums don't stand a chance.
You should love this band and you should have been there. Video will go on youtube when we get a moment to spare, same with pictures on flickr. The other bands not so much.
For the 8th Hey Rosetta surprised us and many at the Middle East Downstairs by putting on a very sweet show, I suggest you go see them when they come back, I know I will.
22-20s had a bit of feedback but put on a solid enjoyable show (videos to follow).
Hot Hot Heat? well now I feel old, Steve Bays is a prima donna, no support bands were allowed in the only place for bands to hang out - nasty move. Then he spends most of his time trying to sing to young females, I was too old for that and I felt an annoyance at the front of the stage. But not as bad as Natalie Portman's shaved head who actually moved folks they wanted to the front- asses. Not sure why the dynamics worked as they did but I just couldn't love this band or their show but it was amusing, support bands 2 - headliner 0 for the past two shows.

We get to relax tonight and let out our chinchillas before we start a six night run of concerts.

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