Sunday, September 19, 2010


This week I took a trip down memory lane amongst other things.
In 1986 Stan Ridgway who used to be in Wall Of Voodoo who created a perfect pop song in Mexican Radio put out an album called The Big Heat. Amongst other tracks, a track Camouflage hot both US and UK charts with its timeless if slightly corny epic story.
I went to see Stan play Queens Hall in July. When we turned up there were about 30 of us in a venue that easily fit 200 if not more.
When a gig is chronically under attended it really show who are stars and who are duds.
Stan shone like the Sun. He looked out and said Lets Have a Party.
So started a phenomenal night,there was no audience and band there was a throng of happy people partying with a band in our midst dancing on the stage, off stage wherever. We exhorted for songs, songs from Wall Of Voodoo were played, songs from the Big Heat and more.
My memory is dusty of exact details BUT one memory remains burnt into my brain, this was one of the best gigs I went to, where I left beaming and just so happy to have been there.
Not surprisingly ever since I have had a soft spot for Stan.
So when we saw he was playing Johnny D's on Tuesday the 14th we decided to go.
The venue is pathetic with a horrible setup only good for dinner theater and lousy sight lines for most and they are out to frag as much as they can from your wallet with their overpriced repugnant food.
Then there was the audience, a more pathetic bunch of stereotypical jokes would have been difficult to find. Sat next to us was a complete loser who came wearing a pseudo cowboy Hat which he never took off, way to go you arrogant rude idiot blocking people's view. Same self loser shouted out multiple times during the show trying to elevate himself beyond his valuelessness and his yelling yeehaw a number of times made me want to strangle him until no breath was left, he was and is a blight on humanity, oh and he brought his guitar to be autographed- way to go loser.
There was a guy with a DSLR camera who used his flash incessantly and posed in stupid unnecessary stances, I just wanted to give him a name of a camera course.
The two guys in their 60s in the front taking shaky videos on their point and shoots for the whole show and being absurdly blatant too.
And I may not be David Bailey but if you are taking photos from 20-30 feet away moving your camera six inches closer by shooting by extending your arms as far as you can is pathetic, unless of course this is the only way you can focus on the screen - god help me.
But through all this Stan played Neon Mirage chatted with humor and intelligence and created a good show.
But to the point as we left we caught Stan outside and I asked him the burning question.
whether the gig that meant so much to me- did he remember that gig, the unasked question - was that gig special or was it all in my mind.
He said he remembered it and that it had been a fun night and asked if I had been there it was a very nice moment, so here in all its silliness is my thoughts and recollections.
I went home with a big grin on my face and felt validated despite the audience, so music can truly be special at all times.

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