Friday, December 03, 2010

concerts 2010

delta spirit in middle east upstairs
two nights in February
new songs small intimate oh so BLOODY great
wild beasts great scott
bands like this are so rare- love them to death
twilight sad middle east, bowery, wherever
boys can do no wrong disagree with me and lose a limb
Foals Paradise I danced until i thought I would drop- I love you boys
telekinesis- TT The bear's wow such talent- I know I freaked them out being older than dust but I still loved them went expecting a good show and saw a truly talented guy knock it out the park
Bear hands -Great Scott good good and better go see this band and love them
the futureheads -The Paradise boys you are the old guys now and you kick the new guys to the curb
villagers at arts at the armory was sublime dont believe me watch for yourself I videoed it all
gold motel TT The Bear's laid back beautiful bliss - how come someone in london told me to listen to this california band?
Beach fossils - Great Scott oh my god did I dance here, part of a night with warpaint, I loved these boys who have been painted as temperamental - funny they were sweet kids to me sweat sweat...
Simon Neil -Great Scott two of Biffy couldn't get a visa so Simon did a free acoustic set.
suprisingly this just took the best of Biffy and presented it on a platter - no desire to see the full show now
Blood red Shoes and Sky Larkin Great Scott two amazing bands one brilliant venue one very solid night
Johnny Flynn TT The Bear's one man one guitar one solid endearing performance

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