Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matthew and The Atlas/King creosote

I went quiet after my last gig. Why? Because it sucked. I really wanted to like Matthew And The atlas, great venue, good vibe from a UK band, supported by Mumford and Sons but it just did not work. The band though trying hard just doesnt do it, they just don't have strong enough songs. I just couldnt get excited at all. Then there was the actual night, my s90 dies leaving me frustrated and annoyed. Then the audience, they talked through two sets then in a gig which wasnt crowded and was not packed a get an idiot who doesn't understand physics. General physics laws two people can not be in the same space at the same time. Just because you are at a gig it does not give you the right to bump into me annoying me for 15 minutes. sorry but I wanted to take those drumsticks the band gave you and drive them straight through your neck. Instead I left pronto annoyed and pissed off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Oh well King Creosote comes to Boston on Wednesday, totally lousy venue, Brighton Music Hall, but from what I saw of Kenny at SXSW he is a really down to earth nice guy. I am hoping this will obliterate my memory of the last gig despite the fact I am still unsure whether to buy a new Canon S95 or another camera.

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