Friday, November 23, 2012

Mike Scott in Boston and The Sad play Boston

I just wanted to throw down some thoughts on teh past week in review.

First I must say how great it is to be lsitening to a couple of new tracks from The Twilght Sad from their Tour EP. Looking at our concert database and our convert photos it become clear its been 5 anbd a half years since we first fell in love

The amazing thing is that during this time the boys have never put out music that was less than amazing and never been less than humble hard working and at times so so self detructive. They should be pushing this tour EP at every turn but yet they keep quiet and trust that people will find their treasures when the music business of today and the oblivious self centredness we see at gigs necessitate pushing people in the right direction. All I can say The Sad should be bigger than Radiohead and I feel so shocked that such talent can be ignored.

We started on Sunday ghoing to see Mike Scott at the Brighton Music Hall, I found Mike when A Girl called Johnny first came out. The concert was half a reading of Mike's autobiography half an acoustic set. To me the self importance and arrogance of Mike Scott puts me off music which could be enjoyable. Steve wickham on the other hand was funny and extremely talented. A good night but not supreme.

Then we have Tuesday, we got to ctach up before hand and also lucky enough to catch a heart wrenchingly beautiful rendition of Nil. Lets face it I am no sap but this version had me totally engrossed and emotionally ravaged.

Errors put on a good show to get the night going before The Sad came on.
Twilight Sad Great Scott 2012_002
Why people have not embraced the new album I have no idea, I loved hearing Alphabet live, Nile was great though not as wonderful as in soundcheck then from Forget The Night Ahead The Sad did a version of At The Burnside which started as a slow burn and layered on powerful guitar and drums to provide a depth around James's wonderful vocal. As I listened I knew I had to thank the sound guy who had managed to keep everything necessary to sow the power and awesomeness that this band can exude when everything falls in place.
How can people not see how seminal and important this band is? I love Alt-J and love the fact they got the Mercury but if The Sad had been nominated (Bad Fat Cat who rarely support the guys the way they should) I really think I would have preferred these boys to win the Mercury an every other award. I say kill Taylor Swift and replace her album in every household with The Sad's music and enrich everyone's aural pleasure.

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