Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cold War Kids Redux

So a quick recap of last night. Three bands - Foreign Born , Swearing at Motorists and Cold War Kids.
I enjoyed Foreign Born and have added them to my myspace friends to keep up with bulletins, more laid back bluesy percussive than my normal indie stuff but variety is the spice of life. Swearing at Motorists? YUK! Absolutely dreadful, some stoner up on stage playing music badly with multiple references to wouldn't it be wonderful if we gave him drugs. Earplugs were in for this one and I still heard too much.
Cold War Kids, seems like The Futureheads did us a favor, we ended up with a good 50 minute set where their music shined. Again more garage more blues influenced, and cute use of percussion but great to dance to and definitely worth stretching the musical boundaries for.
Oh and straight from the band when you find that hidden track its called Serpent versus the Gospel.
On a side note, DJ Carbo played tracks in between bands most of the night playing a new Cribs demo. Very wordy, very good and yes it has the cribs signature notes in it.
Carbo, sad not to get the demos from you but I admire your ethics.
So Albert Hammond, Jr tomorrow at TT The Bears, its a small venue so worthwhile trying to see what the gig is like.

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