Monday, November 06, 2006

Last week was busy

We saw Albert Hammond Jr on Monday night(10/30/2006). Unsurprizingly the venue was filled with Strokes fans, but don't count me in with this bunch. Sure I have Strokes CDs but they dont jump onto my mp3 player and refuse to leave like my Cribs, Paddingtons, Rifles and Reverend mp3s. I had found the album 'Yours To Keep' out there on the cybersphere - and had been listening to it for a few weeks before the gig. The Boston Globe reviewed the gig here. He played most of his album and the Strokes fans stood still then applauded.
Hey guys- MOVE!
The voice isnt the best in world, his songs can sometimes fall into background but he is trying something on his own. As the review said, the set was short as he only has one set of songs. No guys he definitely isnt going to do Strokes songs despite the underlying feeling thats why you showed up.
I am glad I went but saviour of the new face of music he isnt.

Friday found us at Lloyd Cole. It was pretty suprising to walk into the Paradise and see rows of seats set out. The person we were sitting beside said he heard only about 200 tickets had been sold and this is an easy cop-out to hide this.
Last November (wow it is really that long ago? My memory had this pegged as being in spring) we went to see Echo & The Bunnymen and found ourselves surrounded by aging suburbanites in a depressingly dull crowd. Here at Lloyd Cole you could see the audience had aged with Lloyd. He looks just the same as ever apart from the grey hair but that could have been the subdued red lighting. Coming off a cold he avoided songs with high notes to save his voice for further shows. His statement that he was saving his voice so he didnt disappoint in Canada was met with one of many examples of boorishness from the audience during this show. Loud comments of 'Screw the Canadians who cares about them!' I didn't want to be part of this audience as it sickened me. Between the stupid housewife who called out 'We love you Lloyd' in every dead air moment, the idiots calling out for commotion songs incessantly (He did play 'Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken' and 'Cut Me Down' but I wouldnt have given in that much if I had been him) to the morons shouting out or whooping in totally inappropriate places the audience should have been gassed and put out their misery. Lloyd - there were some sane people in the audience and as one I apologise for the idiots. A beautifully laid back concert totally at sorts from my norm but one for which I certainly glad I made room for.

Now for the concert that made my week. I previously blogged about the fact Little Man Tate were going to play Great Scott and spent time trying to get the word out.
Of course I am biased, as an ex-pat Brit I crave to hear British accents and the broader the better. I also despite every effort can't get 90% of american music and until internet radio saved my listening habits had retreated to only listening to my old CDs. Thank god Steve Lamacq saved the day and pointed me to many bands who make my working day bearable as the soundtrack to craziness.
I can't even remember how I first heard of LMT, via Steve or via an internet board suggesting them but I can track it down to them being my top listens way back at the start of April 2006. Yes I know really late for a UK person but fairly up to date for a person living in this musical wasteland. Review to follow but enough to say if you missed this you are a moron!
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