Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Its been a while

January is always such a dreary month. It almost reminds me what life would be like if i gave up listening to bands half my age - and I don't like it!!!!!!!!!!
Its January 24th and SXSW still haven't given up their first list of bands yet. Rumors abound that this will happen next week. Oh please make it so - although looking at Bromheads Jacket's tour itinery it becomes clear they are not making it across here - sob sob. I really enjoyed seeing them at SXSW last year.

But my drought is ending and most spectacularly too.
This Saturday the 27th, we go to see Camera Obscura at the Paradise. I so want to love this band and tried to see as much as possible last time they came even though they clashed with the Rakes. This time no clash so lets hope I love this rather than prepare mental shopping lists, they are so mellow compared to most of my musical tastes.
Then on Sunday, we take off and fly to New York to see Paul Weller play 3 nights at Irving Plaza. On the 30th we get the chance to see Paolo Nutini play Conan O'Brien, i hope to heck it doesnt clash with the concert.

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