Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kay Hanley, TT's January 3rd 2007

So its 2007 and I start the year pretty soon with my first gig.
Kay, what can I say - 12 years ago I came across to Boston with one CD and hopefully an open mind. I tried to listen to WFNX and started hearing a local band called Letters To Cleo. I got tickets to the Best music Poll free concert and saw LTC play for the first time. Kay had an amazing band and I decided to keep an eye out for this band. WFNX continued to get worse and worse until I just couldnt listen any more but I kept listening to Letters to Cleo. LTC never made it despite Here and Now being played on Melrose Place, LTC broke up and Kay married her guitarist Mike and moved to LA. Kay makes her money writing soundtracks and music for tweenie morons now. Hey it pays the bills and the songs she wrote for Josie and The Pussycats werent that bad. But Kay is just a Dorchester girl and comes home twice a year to see her folks at Xmas and 4th of July. When she does she plays TTs and the old faithful pile in and see her play.
Kay is starting to look old, the makeup seemed thick as was the mascara (as ever) its a bit of life starting to hit us all I guess. The number of loser single males in the audience was also a little sick - my guess is Kay feels safer that her husband is in the band because some of these guys are plain weird. The guy in front of me spent the WHOLE concert taking pictures of Kay and only Kay as if noone else was on stage. And the photos were dreadful so one doubts his credentials as a 'professional' photographer and interprets his actions as a little skin crawlingly ick inducing.
think bad
it hurts
big star
in clouds
turn (travis)

enjoyable show but I can see why Kay never hit the big time now.
so sad we all grow old.

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