Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Long Blondes, Great Scott Boston June 8th

I have waited so long for this. I so fell in love with this band and their music ever since I heard Christmas Is Cancelled and then came appropriation and long Blondes. I love their musical style I love the voice. Here in the US we have been starved. When I arrived last night Peter was already talking and drinking with Reenie and Screech, such a hoot being intro'ed as their biggest fan. These guys were so nice and `chatted with us, popping out occasionally as they were busy trying to use the local laundrette! oh so glam the life on the road.
We ended up chatting to Screech, Reenie and Emma quite a bit before the soundcheck (only the one new track guilty) and briefly talked to Dorian. We did recommend our favourite restaurant and as we were leaving after dinner the band were just starting their meal there. support band were good, then teh lb came on. so good live giddy stratospheres made me want to dance like crazy, so many good songs such a great front woman, Kate you are so petite, great front woman and pretty, I should hate you but i 'Love' you as a performer. The crowd were so into this dancing and generally the vibe was hot sweaty and so positive. It was a true love fest. We got swallow tatttoo and separated by motorways as an encore and both the band and the audience wanted more but the venue said no. This wasn't a scene thing, this was just a beautifully joyous occasion. I am just so in love with this music! Oh and i got a promise of SXSW next year even if I bribed with stories of free food and alcohol! maybe more details later
You weren't there- why not- shame on you !

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