Friday, June 22, 2007

The National Middle East June 21st

Even when I am having one of the worst months ever, The National start to play and I feel exhaulted.
So many good tracks but does it say bad things about my mind set when Secret Meeting pulses through causing frustration, despair and beautiful exhaltation at the same time. 'I have a secret meeting in the basement of my brain.' Matt puts his whole self into the performance singing so much with his eyes shut in concentration, the other guys create a tapestry of sound which allows these sounds to fitrate through your whole self until you feel what the whole song is about - the awfulness, the salvation.
Other people can write about the songs sung enough to say I remember in vivid detail why the show two years ago at TTs enhanced an amazing album and made The National one of the few bands I will read a mailing list from.
I loath and hate the people jumping on the bandwagon but if it gives these guys the money and recognition they deserve it is a necessary evil.
Guys - may you have everything you deserve and Lammo yet again I remember why you have never steered me wrong with your musical direction.

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