Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recent music

Realized I am starting to lose track of all the new and great cds that were out this year (already)
Listening to now
Editors - The end has a start - its a grower
Art Brut its a bit complicated - nice but no my little brother track
The Cribs Man Needs Womens Needs Whatever - OMG I cant even begin to say how much I love this
The Pigeon Detectives Wait For Me - Great just what they said they were about - music to smile dance and mosh too
Mumm-Ra These things come in Threes - totally loving this at the moment - awesome
Air Traffic Fractured Life - Some good tracks but a bit blah
This year
Maximo Park Our Earthly Pleasures - fun album
Good Shoes Think Before You speak - living up to the promise
The Maccabees Colour It In - everything we hoped for
The KBC On The Beat - love this band and album
Kubichek! - not enough night - has some real gems
The National Boxer - another grower same vein as all national cds- wonderful
Polytechnic Down Till Dawn - good album though not great
Harrisons - No Fighting In The War Room - not bad at all
Kaiser Chiefs - Yours truly angry mob - a disappointment
Idlewild make a new world - not bad
The Rakes Ten New Messages - more thoughtful than capture\release suspicious eyes is a classic
Twilight Sad Fourteen autumns - Listen and love
The Cinematics - strange Education - at last we got a real release - love their music and live peformance
The wombats - Girl, Boys and Marsupials- what this isnt released well it should have been - class
Tiny Dancers Lions And Tigers And Lions - heard better
winterkids Memoirs - fun

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