Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Automatic Great Scott Boston

A 'Buzz' band in the UK which sometimes has a reputation of being pretentious, The Automatic showed none of that when they came to Boston.
The band stood around openly and chatted to all before soundchecking where they were totally unfazed with us listening and taking pictures.
The sterns were dire, we had seen them before and I had forgotten just how much I find the vocalists totally lacking.
So for about a crowd of 30, The Automatic came on, did a set of about 11 tracks and played their asses off. Apart from the drummer everyone came down into the audience whipping up audience participation and enthusiasm.
More real than you might expect from the album, (why does every producer want to take the kick of live playing out of albums?) this band showed they still knew how to play and get a small crowd going.
Why the larger boring American acts get audiences whilst these bands don't I am unsure but your loss my gain.

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