Thursday, July 26, 2007

Switches at the Paradise Lounge

So we get a hot British Indie band and they end up playing to a handful of folks.
It seemed like everyone and their brother was actually at the White Stripes gig at the nearby Agganis Arena filling up the local bars and monopolizing all the parking spaces. But those of us who know better were happy to See Switches, four young guys, originally based in Guildford now in London play a great little set. The album comes across as a bit contrived an even a little fey. But seeing these guys live they kick it and provide a major guitar, bas and drum background which definitely gives more grit.
They played, Drama, Queen, Message From Yuz, Lay Down The Law, Coming Down, Lovin It amongst others. after 30 minutes they left the stage and as they did I shouted out -'What no Killer Karma' - they looked at me went ' OK then lets play killer Karma' asked me my name and dedicated the song to me, then played another track 30 days or something(???).
Oli the guitarist was supremely friendly taking lots of time to chat both before and after playing telling us how well the tour supporting the Fratellis was doing.
Seeing bands like this bothering to come to Boston is what it is all about.
A really really nice night.

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