Saturday, July 21, 2007

Two from Scotland and one from San Fran

so last week, bummer that switches postponed, hope it doesn't become a cancellation.
65dos?, don't you guys know how nasty the visa process can be, almost as nasty as me trying to get 20 miles in 75 minutes - truly disgusting.
Twilight Sad on Wednesday were excellent as ever, for four guys with only one guitar and a bass beats me how they create that wall of sound. but it reverbed, the drums drove onwards and James' performance enthralled as all as his inner demons drove him onwards. The music is enthralling, supremely Scottish as his accent is accentuated rather than hidden but addictive.
OK, I have a soft spot as they know us and seem happy to acknowledge us and talk a little, and I have no problem with their accent unlike some over here. So prejudiced but I couldn't see anyone hearing and seeing these guys without feeling you have been seeing a truly cathartic event.
But guys more music please, take some time off and write some more, I am eager to hear more.
Then the Hedrons, four women who rock out. Honestly not really my type of music, but amazingly nice people who try their hearts out and are genuine as can be. Of course the decent accent and the use of the St. Andrews flag makes me happy too.
A great effort regardless of crowd size, I enjoyed this and would make an effort to see them again because they deserve to be seen. You go Girls!
Then Scissors. The band that makes me smile like a goofy fool. I smile, I twirl, i dance and I reinforce the place in my heart for the guys.
There is some thought amongst the fans wondering about sexual orientation but you know who cares? The boys give their hearts out in their performance and we love them back.
Sort out your legal wrangles guys get played and play the size of venues you deserve.
Irrelevant fact, I dreamt one night about going to a gig of their and finding it suddenly in an Orpheum sized venue and my seat getting ever further back as I grouched about knowing them first while thrilling they had made it. It felt so right to be sitting in a crowd of girls who were just bubbling about getting to see the guys.
So minuscule an audience, and a short show (40 mins) but we got Private Hotcha (dedicated to us- Love ya Bryan), X's are forever, Lay down your arms, your boys will find a home plus others.
All tracks were amazing and at separate times Bryan, Robby and Steve all came down to try and whip up the audience.
If getting them an audience is necessary perhaps they just need to do supports but I love these small intimate shows and only want the best for them.

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