Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Carbon/silicon TT The Bears April 5th 2008

A sleeper in regards ticket sales, by the time of the gig everyone knew what was happening and were hyped.
The support band Scarce put on a decent show for an audience who tolerated them, though they were certainly a treat compared to some recent support bands i Have suffered.
After a long time of the sound guy/guitar tech fussing on stage the stage finally passed muster and Carbon/Silicon appeared - through a back door rather than the normal back room.
Mick Jones and Tony James had a great time, Mick just kept grinning, it was infectious. These were two guys back where they wanted to be, playing wonderful guitars to a malleable audience in a small intimate club. They just seemed so happy to be up there jamming. They are both extremely old now, balding and wearing suits and loafers rather tan punk outfits but just a wonderful thing to see.
I thought I was attuned to the British accent but lost a lot of what Mick said between songs but he did try to converse with the audience.
Both 'What the F*ck' and Why Do Men Fight the last two songs turned into two long fun fests. Truly a gig you were happy to be at.

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