Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini CMJ

So running down to CMJ for Friday and saturday was incredibly successful and fun.
Despite the best efforts of i95 south we didnt spend hours stuck on Friday and got to teh hotel in time t turn around and run over to Brooklyn to see Sky Larkin.
Nice little set, so good to hear both new songs entirely (Matador), newish songs (Fossil, i) and old ones like molten.
All three were class people to talk to as well.
We then moved to Manhattan, found our favorite malysian restaurant had a wonderful meal before hitting Fontanas.
Johnny foreigner put on a good show and managed to at least touch base with them.
Cab to Irving Plaza got us there at a decent time though a bad decision left us stuck behind some unnecessary stage equipment.
I loved the whip and Late Of The Pier BUT those DJs, absolutely dreadful.
Saturday started with us hitting our favorite Thai restaurant, (see a pattern here) then heading off to the UNCMJ show.
We spent all day here, at 4:30 when Sky Larkin went on it was woefully under attended but again a sweet show, better than Friday I think.
We watched a number of bands - all of which were watchable. Thne the Mae-shi came on - reminded me of The Blood Arm - total performance that keeps you just laughing and amazed.
Cut Off Your Hands have some decent songs but aren't going to save music.
Then JoFo again. Alexi fussed like crazy as his pedals were knackered - again - but they got it together and put on a great show.
You have to see JoFo to truly get them and the more the better. Starting to be totally entranced.
Totally loving Jofo and sky Larkin - and why not!

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