Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Locksley and Wedding Present

I don't think I have ever gone to a gig before and then went and removed them from being a myspace friend. Locksley were fun when they supported Scissors (love you scissors) and seemed nice guys. Keeping an eye on them we followed them when they played supporting Rooney and then had a headlining tour which hit Cafe 939.
How can you suddenly pamper to 10-16 year olds? Pathetic- enough- no more Locksley.
Its not the fact they have teenage fans, its the schmaltz and the lack of sincerity. Its all too Disney and Hannah Montana, I just had a diabetes - suffering from excess sweetness moment.
Wedding Present, so tired at this gig, but it was a definitely gig you had to do. Enjoyed but only mildly.

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Anonymous said...

so just because Locksley played to a bunch of teenagers you don't like them anymore?

sorry but that doesn't seem to make any sense.